#JKID Project | Avec Nightclub

This time last year, I celebrated the first of many milestones that was in store for JKID in 2010.
My baby, Avec Nightclub was born out of the solemn ashes that would remain after having been laid off from my dream job and feeling completely deflated, but not undetermined to reach the first of many lifetime goals before the impending 30-year mark. As an aspiring, ambitious, and often delusional design student at the Art Institute of CA, I swore that one day I would conceptualize and create a dance club space that would rival any of the ones that I grew up around, having partied in Orange County since '94 (ogeez I'm old) and feeling like none were up to particular par. 

Set Design | Gossip Girl

Since I've got the reno on the mind and barely a buck to get this puppy started, what better way than to start in lala land and get my inspirational fix from Gossip Girl on hiatus? Trying to channel my inner upper-east-sider and fix the pad up with modern art against muted walls and saturated jewel tones to anchor every vignette. Hmmm...from double-story studio to posh penthouse status? Might as well seduce a single Penn Badgley while we're at it no?...*sighs*...a girl can only dream....

You Fancy Huh

You know how sometimes you get all gussied up, nail done, hair done, everything done done...then all of a sudden the night shifts into overdrive, you're dancing up a storm, having a blast, completely forgetting to document with party pix and then the clock strikes midnight (4am in Las Vegas time) signaling you to stumble home before you turn into a country bumpkin again?

Food Porn Friday | Fleur | Las Vegas

The bf and I are MAJOR "Top Chef" fanatics having been religious viewers since Season 1 when Harry rightfully took home the crown and kicked snarky Tiffany to the first loser camp (currently rooting for Viet-loving chef Angelo this season)! So much to our delight, Paul's Vegas birthday dinner would be held at Fleur restaurant in Mandalay Bay, Hubert Keller's (Top Chef Master-du-jour) most recent epicurean establishment specializing in modern global tapas with a hint of traditional French flair. Keller's more formal Fleur de Lys temporarily closed this past September to make way for his first attempt at more innovative casual group dining, thus Fleur was born to accommodate the general public (and their accompanying savory palette it seems).

Blaze of Glory

Ohhhhhh Vegas...I often take you for granted since I see you all the time.
Much like the toxic codependency of relationships past, I miss you when you're away, yet the minute we've rekindled I'm convinced I'm not missing out at all.

Rihanna for Interview Magazine

So. Ready. To. Party.

Been working crazy hours like I'm back on the show again. I swear sometimes I get psychosomatic flashbacks of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, covered in feathers to only fall back in line and realize it's just reality. Nothing like my "real" life at all ;D

Scenes from a Red and Black Glam Christmas

Take 14 little ladies, 2 bottles of homemade pear vodka, bottomless Hershey's brigade, and what do you get? A Secret Santa whodunnit guessing game that goes from 0-60 in less time than it takes to call Shots...shots...shots...shots...shots...shots...shots...shots...shots...shots....EVERYBODY!!!!...

Trend Spotting | Black Swan

What comes first: The runway or the reel way? If silver starlets are any indication of the hottest trends in fashion and design, you can look straight to current blockbuster hit (and surefire Oscar contender) Black Swan to represent the best in ballerina noir.

Setting with Style

Since great design never goes out of style, I love nothing more than to flip through all my archived H&G mags to find inspiration that once seemingly old, is of course now "new" again. Who wants a table full of traditional (and tacky!) red and green when you can set the holiday tone with a fresh and funky color story or one that's based on an ethnic theme?! 

Trend Spotting | Coco Chanel Christmas

What's more fabulous than receiving a glossy black, red-ribbon wrapped Chanel box on Christmas morning? Why, waking up to holiday decor that's filled with gilded camellias, golden domes, glittering Eiffel Towers, and double CC's, of course! Aiming to make all my holidays look this haute...if I can't afford what's in the box, best if I decorate by thinking outside of it!

Haute Shop | H.D. Buttercup | Part II

I wonder if I was living in LA, would I run on down to OC every chance I get just to do some purchasing for clients? 'Cuz it sure seems like my LA jaunts are becoming quite normal as I pack for the day and spend an 8-hr shift driving to and fro West Hollywood. I swear all the best shops are on Melrose...and Venice of course. Here's the latest from H.D.Buttercup...enjoy loves!

Trend Spotting | Industrial Heaven

Stuck in stucco should be SoCal's resident theme song as we (as in "I") yearn for the day when one can one day, call a Brick House (or Brownstone, I'm not picky) our own. No one tells you this, but where the East Coast builds homes clad in bricks and the Colonial States in sticks and stones, Orange County is home to the suburban stucco capital of the world! (Ok, more likely just of the U.S., but that's still pretty compelling evidence in my eyes). 

Scenes from Le BF's 30th Birthday

Don't you just love this time of year when glitz and glam can easily translate from Sunday's best into an evening out with the girls? Aiming to put the sparkle back into casual daywear so that when Friday Night Lights hit, I'm going {disco} BALLS OUT baby . 

Trend Spotting | Fur

Brrrrrrrr....baby it's cold outside. The perfect time to grab your favorite snuggie (preferably of the faux fur variety, ix-nay on the blanket with sleeves version), cuddle up next to the fire, and FINALLY read (or reread for those light years ahead of me) el "Twilight" series. I managed to unearth all four books on a routine spree to the neighborhood thrift shop for a measly $6. If that's not a clear cut sign that I gotta sink my teeth into this sucker before the entire cast Breaks Dawn, I dunno what is.

Barcelona Photo Diary | Architecture and Food Porn

Lazy Sundays sure seem lazier once you're on vacation. Europeans take their day of the Lord quite seriously as the entire town slums around and nary a shop is open for business. Which usually means one of two things: a) They're at mass b) They're home recovering from a wild Saturday night. 

Barcelona Photo Diary | Antoni Gaudi

As neurotic as it may sound, I refuse to let the bf use any vocabulary in his vernacular that he cannot spell {I know, I know, psycho-gf alert...Turn ons: Scintillating syntax (rawr baby rawr!)...Turn offs: Erroneous spelling and grammar (too cool for school?..booo)} So on the flip side, I've assumed the same responsibility and am not to utter a single phrase I have not faced firsthand. Gives wayyyy new meaning to shouting: "Omg, that's soooo Gaudy!" Although the term dates back to the 16th century way before the Catalan architect was even born, I'd like to believe present-day exploit implies a slightly garish, ornately over-the-top, showy display of anything design. Coincidence? I think not. 

Barcelona Photo Diary | Vintage Shopping

While the bf OD'ed on Zara and Mango, I made my way through the Gothic Quarter sniffing out second hand goodies like a government canine in Columbia. My drug of choice? Shoes, what else? Thank god for my heightened sense of smell (and of course Google maps), I was able to track down the best in vintage shopping, a bomb.com bakery, and a cafe/chocolatier all within a few blocks from one another and our last dinner stop for the evening.

Barcelona Photo Diary | Park Güell

I used to think traveling abroad meant hitting up as many countries in as few days as possible. Now 10 cities in 10 days hardly sounds like a vacation, so when the bf and I started scouting potential hotspots, we narrowed it down to my TWO favorite loves: fashion (Paris) and architecture (Barcelona). 

Paris Photo Diary | Versailles

I've had visions of Versailles since missing it during my first trip to Paris a decade ago. Sis and I opted to go to Disneyland Paris that day instead and boy do I ever regret such an asinine (and totally American tourist) decision. Not only did we board the wrong train and was fined $80 upon exiting, my Aunt came home with stories of opulent grandeur having spent the entire day shooting the Chateau, oohing and aahing over every gilded fixture and golden finish. Not to mention her squeals of delight as if she was the first to ever photograph Versaille's famous Hall of Mirrors, to which I have to admit was the inspiration behind Avec's entry corridor (seen here).

Paris Photo Diary | To Louvre, with Love

I could never tire of the Louvre. My perfect Parisian day would consist of the Etruscan collection with my morning coffee, followed by a light lunch in the Garden of Tuileries, midday snacking with Mona Lisa, and watching the sun set with the Renaissance. I could literally spend the entire day here, wander around aimlessly as I wait to be struck by another, and yet another source of stirring stimulation. Something about art that puts me in such a meditative trance...Ohmmmm...Ohmmmm...Ohmmm...Divine inspiration indeed.

MSN | Top 10 Rising Stars in Interior Design

Dude...For reals?...MSN.com's lifestyle division Glo just named me one of the "Top 10 Rising Stars in Interior Design" today. Moi?...Next to Tracie Butler (super-chic LA designer of Beso and Shag) and blog-queen Nicole Gibbons (SoHauteStyle.com), I must say I'm in some fabulously fine company. Not too shabby if I do say so myself...visit this link to see my rising star peeps...So Super-Khuu...Holla at your girl!!! Whoohoo!

Paris Photo Diary | Le Bistrot Paul Bert

I had every intention of following Anthony Bourdain's foodie guide to the ultimate dining experiences in Paris, save for the fact that due to the program's Oprah-like Midas' touch, every single one of 'em had been booked for months, some even dating back to half a year in advance! Sheesh Francophiles sure don't mess around with their food man. Which made me even more anxious to somehow, someway work the back alley and perhaps do a little Americano dance and maybe get some love in this mutha'...apparently, that didn't work either. But it's not for a lack of trying peeps, so here's the lowdown on what went down instead. Bon appétit!

Paris Photo Diary | Les Puces Flea Market

If you know me (as I'm sure most of you do), I NEVER, NEVER joke about two central situations: 1) Food on an empty stomach and 2) Shopping on a mission. Which sucks for the bf because he's ALWAYS, ALWAYS on the receiving end of either the former or the latter on any given day. Poor thing had no idea what he got himself into as I literally dragged him (on foot mind you) through as many as 6 different arrondissements in one full day of hunting down thingamabobs and whatchamacallits. Tough thing is I almost never look for anything specific, but always run around the city searching for that one specific thing.

Paris Photo Diary | Montmarte and Sacre Coeur

I'm back baby...ready to blog, ready to put Paree on blast. I've been feeling très guilty having neglected Haute Khuuture for almost two weeks, so in my most humble efforts to make it up to y'all (and myself), I'm committing to TWICE daily posts! Yes, be still your heart, you read that right...Not one, but TWO entire digital diary pages per day of the most exhilarating, most intoxicatingly stimulating 10-day vacay I've planned to date. 

How to Pack for a European Vacation

My packing ritual is no joke folks. It usually involves over a week of mental preparation and an all-night session of styling on steroids. I like to pretend I'm Rachel Zoe's protégé and our celebrity client is being whisked away to Europe on a moment's notice so we have to act quickly!...And resourcefully since only 1 piece of luggage will make it on her trip. 

Scenes from a Nerdy Thirty Halloween Birthday Bash

Who doesn't love a good Halloween themed birthday party? If you've been following along these past 6 months, you'd know by now we OC peeps never shy away from 2 things: cocktails and costumes! Bonus points if we're celebrating an actual event and not some random Tuesday.

*Happy Nerdy Thirty Birthday Jackie*

#JKID Project | Upcycling an Antique Chair

If November is the month for giving thanks, under the thoughtful tutelage of my "Page-a-Day" calendar, I am committed to filling this entire blog-month with gratitude...A "thanks-a-day" should suffice. Starting with...I am thankful to have been blessed with such a curious and keen eye so that I may see beyond what is readily apparent and fully conceive the greatest potential in every found object. 

Barcelona on the Go

This time next week I'll be sashaying down Las Ramblas sippin' vino on the streets and marveling at Gaudi's masterpieces front row and center. Where I've got Paris mapped out to a T, our first stop in Barcelona will be the actual "vacay" of the trip, with neither a plan or program in sight. 

Gothic Splendor | Spirito-Martini Nightclub & Lounge

I'm such a p*ssy when it comes to Halloween. And no, not of the black cat crossing your path furry feline type of All Hallows. The superstitions I can deal with, it's more of the ghosts and goblins and spirits that psyche me out. I can't even sit through a Paranormal Activity trailer without getting all scurred and perturbed that some partially wet, raven-haired poltergeist is skulking right behind me. And I really don't care how Disneyland dresses up their Haunted Mansion during the holidays, it's even more disturbing when scary Santa's beckoning you from the graveyard, in lieu of swirling overhead sheets. OooOooh I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

Vintage Style | Queen Mary Birthday Brunch

All-you-can-eat anything is usually a straight-up invitation to an overdose of sodium, butter, and loads of detrimental carbs. All-you-can-eat plus all-you-can-drink?...Right up my alley peeps :D Who needs food when you've got champagne on ice and everything niiiiiice. 

Styling Your Vanity

In an effort to feng-shui my workspace, I spent the latter half of yesterday evening cleaning out my double-stacked bookshelf which included all of my old design school artwork and tons of back-copied House and Garden Mags...aww tear. Even though everyone and their mamas yearns for the Domino of yesteryear like it's their discontinued signature scent, I don't quite share the same sentiment. You can literally find scores of suspended Domino images all over the web, but H&G? A little more elusive, a lot more valuable in my eyes.

Trend Spotting | The Dome Chair

I have been ogling these chairs for the past 5 years now after discovering them plastered all over Kelly Wearstler's former studio on Kings Road. Every day upon arriving for my internship, I'd waltz right past her private office (swoon!), past the oh-so-glam kitchenette (bling!), and right upstairs to the all-white conference room where rows upon rows of current mood boards hid wall-to-wall shelving and mountains of sumptuous fabric swatches. Symmetrically positioned on opposite sides of the room were the inspirational images behind Viceroy Anguilla and the Tides South Beach, both gleaming with glamorous possibilities and the Queen Midas' golden touch. 

Trend Spotting | Runway Style

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg?...Or in this case, runway or reality? Where do fashion and interior designers draw their inspiration from? Is it nature? History? Other designers? We all know there's really no such thing as an "original idea" since most designers borrow some facet of their latest creations from earlier concepts; So really no one can solely be credited for originality. It's all about ingenuity folks. 

Trend Spotting | Baroque Glamour

They say your interior style changes approximately every 7 years. 7 years to earn enough to switch it up, 7 years to save enough to hire a professional to stretch that dollar. As the professional in question, we designers pretty much change it up with each new acquisition. Shopping for a living immediately adjusts my own personal taste with every purchase, during every project. 

Home Tour | Coco Rocha

Do you sometimes wonder if the Fashionably Fabulous live equally as fashionable? Some people have no problem translating the latest trends into stylish home furnishings, but how many people really live like they look? That's where design professionals come in y'all. They (as in "I") are trained to whip up tailored interiors to reflect any client's personality and needs, naturally prioritizing form and function in a space that's aimed to suit them to a T. Case in point- Coco Rocha's Manhattan apartment, fashioned by the supermodel, fine-tuned by her interior designer buddy (turned new husband) James Conran.

Trend Spotting | Decadent Glamour

Growing up in the 80's, I can totally remember the time when EVERYONE was reeling over "Dynasty" and Joan Collins was the ultimate poster girl for fashion and luxury. Still in diapers and running around sporting Mama's pumps, even then I knew fabulous meant over-the-top opulence and nary a care in the world. Having just been over the 70's financial slump and economic crises, women were now a common fixture in the workplace and "power dressing" meant ditching the polyester for shoulder pads and piling on the bling.

Haute Hats and Hair Pieces

Now that I'm seeing vintage veils and haute hair pieces on every bridal blog (not to mention forever immortalized on Carrie Bradshaw), I must say, it's getting pretty played out. Sure they're super gorgeous and fabulously untraditional for your average wedding, but when EVERYONE {and their mama} is doing it, it takes the novelty right out of the unconventional and shoots it straight into the ordinary catalogue. 

Home Tour | Lori Goldstein

You may not have heard of Lori Goldstein, SUPER-DUPER stylist to the stars, but I'm sure you've seen her work plastered all over your monthly Vogue, W, and Vanity Fair with ads for Bally, Versace, Vera Wang, BCBG, TSE...the list goes on and on. Having been the most sought-after stylist commissioned to work with such notable greats as Annie Leibovitz and Steven Meisel, Goldstein's contributions are pretty epic in her 20+ years in the fashion industry, even boasting such uber-celebrity clients as Demi Moore and Anne Hathaway, before Rachel Zoe got to them.

Trend Spotting | Think Pink

Since October is officially National Breast Cancer Awareness month, I'm dedicating today's post to empowering women through thinking PINK and feeling proud. Raising awareness means getting yourself (and all your peeps) to your local physician for an annual checkup and educating others with insight and support. For more information on NBCAM, please visit their website HERE. Knowledge is power!!!

Autumn Wishlist

Now that it's borderline freeeeezing outside I'm able to devote countless guilt-free hours to my (second) favorite pastime: Online shopping!! What better excuse to hole up indoors, mouse in one hand, green tea in the other than dropping temperatures, wet pavement, and Ebay's fashion vault pre-season sales.

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