Las Vegas | Nightclub Design

In less than 24 hours I'll be lying poolside at the Encore cabanas, sippin' on some bubbly and soakin' in the rays. I'll melt into the sun-drenched lounger as my responsibilities get drowned out by the booty shaking beats heard thumping in the distance...My freshly exfoliated skin will be moisturized from the warm fragrance-infused air wafting all around me...Bikini-clad, half-naked Adonises will be serving me frozen seedless grapes while subjecting to my every whim (but only because it's comped ;P)...Viva Las Vegas indeed.

Las Vegas | Restaurant Design

Gosh I don't remember the last time I breaked for meals in Vegas. In between the slot- scouting, cocktail-flagging, sun(less)-tanning, marathon-shopping, camera-snapping, guns-blazing frenzy that makes up all my Vegas trips, I rarely schedule time to pencil in sit-downs.

Viva Las Vegas!

It's been a minute since OC's packed her bags and headed over to our bargain basement playground next door. Just as New Yorkers head south to Miami for the winter, Southern Californians head north to Las Vegas...well pretty much any chance we get.

Trend Spotting | Old World Elegance

Ask any designer what they consider the most singular important element in a space and they'll exclaim proverbial responses of Function! Form! Color! Lighting! Scale! Proportion! Balance! Rhythm!...etc, etc. *yawns*...For me, it's all about the DRAMA baby. 

Diffa | Dining by Design

Having classically trained chefs for parents was a blessing and a curse growing up. My family comes from a long generation of foodies (like most of you, I'm sure); however, every Sunday was reserved for scouring out the best in Asian cuisine within a 100 mile radius. 

Rock n' Roll Jewelry

Countless days, nights, afternoons, and weekends are spent scrounging through magazines and surfing the net to look for the hippest and hottest in design. Only the most dramatic and visually striking tickle my fancy, so if you don't exist in either category, you're pretty much assed out my friend. I've been on the Haute lookout for anything chic and sophisticated since I could barely open my eyes. Moms would say that I was destined to become an editor even before I could talk. 

Transitional Style

I love winter. I love everything about bundling up under layers and layers of fabric, piling on undergarments, tiny tanks, longer tees, cashmere on cashmere sweaters and scarves, chunky knits, colored leggings, faux fur jackets, knee-high boots, gloves and galoshes...phew!!...And that's just one outfit, no lie :D

Shoes to soothe my tired soul

I've often said that I do my best work when I'm under extreme pressure and highly stressed. Now that I've finally committed to this premier entry, I'm feeling pangs of anxiety, nausea, and uncertainty as if I've left behind a gorgeous take me home pair of Donald Pliner Bronzed Platform Gladiators at the Rack for 50% off...

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