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Friday, April 16, 2010

I love winter. I love everything about bundling up under layers and layers of fabric, piling on undergarments, tiny tanks, longer tees, cashmere on cashmere sweaters and scarves, chunky knits, colored leggings, faux fur jackets, knee-high boots, gloves and galoshes...phew!!...And that's just one outfit, no lie :D

I love these few and infrequent frigid SoCal days where my creative freedom is indulged by layering in the winter as opposed to stripping in the summer. In that respect, I am definitely not a California girl. I get a couple of days in December, maybe most weeks in January and February, then March is where I really have to start scrapping the heavyweights to make room for the sheers and the silks.

But April is this funny little character in the storybook of my fashionable life. She swims in the shadow of spring, riddled with the promise of flowers and greenery, only after you've suffered the impending days of showers and gloom. She becomes this catalyst for spring cleaning, making sure florals and pretty prints make their grand entrance as to assure their stance well into summer. You think you're getting splendor in the grass but all you're really getting is another month-long bout with depressing afternoons of gloomy 60 degree weather, too cold to cruise down PCH with the top down, yet still too warm to keep those knee-high boots in rotation. They don't call her April Fool's for nothing. 

Don't tell April that she is my new BFF. She secretly allows me that one extra month to show off my post-winter attire of reptile-skinned ankle boots, silk scarves, light sweaters, jean leggings, maybe a cropped jacket here and there ...Basically my winter wardrobe, but slightly updated with pops of color to show my respect for spring and the imminent summer months. My segue into spring training is trying to find an alternative to the disillusioned uniforms of rainbow chiffon, ruffled florals, and pleated pastels (bleh!)....God forbid you ever see any pleating or pastels on this site. 

I'm never a fan of matchy-matchy, but the silk dress worn with suede booties is a great example of the in between seasonal attire worn in April

No style blog is complete without an end caption with Nicole Richie- Exemplifying the Hautest in California Cool- perfect blend of layered patterns with a shot of color, just enough furry bling, and the ultimate staple in any SoCal fashionista's wardrobe- distressed denim for day, easy breezy transition into night....LOVES it!


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  1. Hmm... I think you're a New York City kind of gal Julie. ;) Hehe. Lovin' your blogs dear!

  2. Thanks for reading babe!! Takes one to know one ;D


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