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Monday, April 19, 2010

Countless days, nights, afternoons, and weekends are spent scrounging through magazines and surfing the net to look for the hippest and hottest in design. Only the most dramatic and visually striking tickle my fancy, so if you don't exist in either category, you're pretty much assed out my friend. I've been on the Haute lookout for anything chic and sophisticated since I could barely open my eyes. Moms would say that I was destined to become an editor even before I could talk. 

The general formula for my daily routines goes a little something like this...I get this month's copy of XY magazine...I spot an incredible find buried amongst pages of other competitively gorgeous designer items...I start a tear sheet...I research it on the web...I find out back stories of its humble beginnings and prospective future...I'm more intrigued so I learn about the item's designer...his inspirations...his aspirations...his hobbies...his likes/dislikes...what does he eat for breakfast?..what does he wear for lunch?..who does he have over for dinner? he a dog or cat person...who are his clients...where do they shop?..what do they eat for breakfast?...the list goes on and on and viciously cycles back to square one...A little interest instantly mutates into this maddening obsession where only a psych-bred designer like myself can even dare to proceed and no innocent bystander should even deign to process. It's all for the love of design my friends, so just sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of my daily discoveries. :D

Today's spotlight features Karen Erickson & Vicki Beamon, Detroit- based jewelry designers and founders of Erickson Beamon luxury accessories. A rags to riches story of how suburban bangles and baubles found their way onto every New York Fashion Week catwalk and into the lives of every major celebrity within the Continental States of America. I fell in LOVE with their "Glam Rock" chandelier and came to find out that their initial foray into lighting (having only committed to statement jewelry) spawned an entire collection of bespoke originals. 

Their list of private clients and collectors reads like a who's who of Rock and Roll royalty including Debbie Harry, Beyonce, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Rihanna, and even Lady Gaga. But be forewarned, their design sensibility is not for the faint of heart. This exquisite piece is the ultimate in focal styling for LOL interiors, blinged out and dripping in rows of plush pearls and diamonds. One look at this stunner in any unassuming space would elevate your home's Haute quotient faster than you can say "Rah Rah, ah ah ahh. GaGa, ohh lala...." So bust out the Benjamin's baby, prepare to pay 6mos of your salary for this showstopper.

The dynamic duo has also collaborated with Target to design a fashionable line of affordable accessories seen below. Can you tell which pieces are from their luxury line and which are from Tar-jay?

Happy Shopping! 


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