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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Having classically trained chefs for parents was a blessing and a curse growing up. My family comes from a long generation of foodies (like most of you, I'm sure); however, every Sunday was reserved for scouring out the best in Asian cuisine within a 100 mile radius. 

Never mind that I had kiddy birthday parties to attend or that I'd rather be home watching mindless television, ono...Family Funday Sunday was forced upon us as Pops loaded all the kids into the EFI-LE minivan and we'd traverse our way to Timbuktu because he'd heard they had the best steamed dumplings in town. So suffice it to say, 25 years later, I am a bonafide food snob. Some would say I'm picky about my cuisine, I'd like to think I'm just extremely particular. My favorite social outings are the ones that are enveloped by fascinating company, intelligent conversation, delectable cuisine, gorgeous surroundings, and lotsa lotsa booze :D Not unlike my parents, I've been known to schedule entire vacations around a restaurant opening. The best buzz comes from a fabulous collaboration of designer extraordinaire and chef du jour, resulting in an environment that is not only aesthetically inspiring but helps the food go down as well.

FIT Table mentored by David Stark
(pictured above)
photocredit: nytimes

David Beahm
photocredit: nytimes

Bradley Stephens
photocredit: nytimes

Arpad Baska
photocredit: nytimes

Rockwell Group
photocredit: design calendar

Slade Architecture
photocredit: nytimes

Evette Rio for Butoni
photocredit: nytimes

Alas, the economy takes a toll and we are all not privy to the kinds of indulgences we're used to. These nights are now spent riling up my favorite posse for potluck and Pictionary, and traversing to the nearest house that can accommodate our party of 20 and growing. Just as festive (if not more) and definitely nothing out of pocket but a measly $10 and a bottle of vino pp...embarrassingly enough, I spend more on valet parking.

From one domestic diva to the next- now's the time to get creative with your dinner parties! No more shelling out hundreds on restaurant cuisine. No more late night driving to and fro hoping to dodge that dreaded DUI. You can still get all dolled up, decked out, and invite a dozen of your closest peeps over for a night of drinking and debauchery. In the meantime, some of my favorite Dining by Design 2010 spaces below to inspire your next fun and fabulous Friday night fête.


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