Viva Las Vegas!

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been a minute since OC's packed her bags and headed over to our bargain basement playground next door. Just as New Yorkers head south to Miami for the winter, Southern Californians head north to Las Vegas...well pretty much any chance we get.

It's not unusual to make these excursions at least once a season (on the lighter side), so seeing as how it's almost May, I'm definitely overdue for a Vegation. This weekend happens to be my girlfriend's last 20-something birthday, so what better way to celebrate youth than a 4-day excursion to dazzling Sin City where we will mix and mingle, steady or single ;D I have never met a Vegas trip that wasn't jam-packed with lights, camera, and plenty of action so hold onto your seatbelts baby, it's gonna be an incredible ride! *crosses fingers*

I'll be dedicating this week's posts to anything and everything Las Vegas starting with the creme de la creme- City Center, our new 67 acre stomping ground courtesy of MGM Resort and Casino. I'm sure you've all heard that this development cost over $8.5 billion to construct, the most expensive and prospectively profitable project in Vegas to date; however there was a time not too long ago when investors pulled out in the midst of this recession (citing exponentially unforeseen construction delays and costs) and City Center would have been nothing but a bunch of parking structures behind Bellagio. MGM feared for the future of their enterprise having been threatened with Chapter 11 as a means to keep their investment afloat, when in came Dubai World, MGM's not so silent partner and Big Brother to take this entirely mismanaged, poorly funded, eagerly anticipated rubble of a road into what you see today....A spectacle born and bred only by Vegas baby.

A six-tower complex consisting of hotels and residences, 5 star spas, gourmet dining, upscale shopping, and unparalleled nightlife, City Center endeavors to set the precedence for the future of Las Vegas. Eat, shop, work, or play, City Center aims to be the ultimate destination for tourists and locals alike. However for this particular tourist/local, I'm only interested in one thing...the hub of this entire exhibition: Aria Resort and Casino, designed by Remedios Studio...the very firm that propagated the design brilliance of yours truly ;D

My last few months working at RS was dedicated to detailing the massive fins of Aria's Casino ceiling so watch out for my unwavering critique as I tear that baby apart. They have yet to release official press footage and accompanying detailed images of the I'll be your personal smoker spy and bring back at least 20gb of ceiling, ceiling, ceiling.... and maybe some wardrobe shots in there as well while I slither my way around incognito...for those of you who like that kinda stuff :D


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