Set Design | Sex and the City Movie

Since Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day, it's only fitting that I accompany our national holiday with a design tasting of SATC II, as opposed to a completely biased and subjective critique of the best movie ever!!! (next to SATC 1 of course) 

Trend Spotting | Indian Summer

The temperature is rising, the air sticky and sweet, aahhhh it finally feels like summer here in SoCal. It's taken me awhile to get used to these dog days. I've been holding onto our chilly springtime weather for some months now, but alas it's finally time to shed the old skin to summon the new.

Interning for Kelly Wearstler

My first foray into fashionable interiors paved the way for the start of my entire career. 
{Insert mini-bio} I'll make it quick-I promise!...or not, we'll see...I've been known to ramble :D Just have to set up the background before I get down to the meat and potatoes of this thing. 

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