Set Design | Sex and the City Movie

Since Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day, it's only fitting that I accompany our national holiday with a design tasting of SATC II, as opposed to a completely biased and subjective critique of the best movie ever!!! (next to SATC 1 of course) 

Trend Spotting | Indian Summer

The temperature is rising, the air sticky and sweet, aahhhh it finally feels like summer here in SoCal. It's taken me awhile to get used to these dog days. I've been holding onto our chilly springtime weather for some months now, but alas it's finally time to shed the old skin to summon the new.

Olivia Palermo Style

I used to want to name my firstborn Olivia. I imagine she'd be wholesome and sweet, curious and creative, unassuming in nature and unaffected by her surroundings. She'd be the first to volunteer for additional work and the last to leave when there's a major deadline. She'd present herself in thoughtful attire, sure to put forth a charming, sophisticated, and distinctive image parallel to the genuine appeal of her likable character. 

Trend Spotting | Stripes

Nothing conjures up vintage Coco quite like the contrasting graphic of black and white stripes. You can take this nautical notion from seafarer chic to au courant couture simply by adding bold shots of color to lessen the severity of this versatile pattern. 

Interning for Kelly Wearstler

My first foray into fashionable interiors paved the way for the start of my entire career. 
{Insert mini-bio} I'll make it quick-I promise!...or not, we'll see...I've been known to ramble :D Just have to set up the background before I get down to the meat and potatoes of this thing. 

Color Me Happy

Just because I'm a designer doesn't mean I wake up inspired every day.
Most days all I wanna do is impetuously surrender to an all black uniform and call it high fashion. 

First Rule in Fashion

I'm sure you're all wondering why I've been posting more on style and fashion than anything else as of late. Yes, I am an interior designer by trade. Yes, I do spend as much time researching interior trends as I do fashion trends. And yes, I do believe that the same principals exist in designing interiors as they do in styling editorials. (For the record I've been asking myself that same question) 

MET Gala | Zuhair Murad Gowns

Lazy Sunday means re-flipping through all my mags, re-surfing the internet, and re-focusing my attention to all the little details I may have overlooked at the first go-round. I've gone through all the MET Gala's best and worst dressed, re-examined who I'd like to showcase, and I have to say, I was quite bored with this year's parade of chignons and chiffons. 

Casino Tour | Aria | Las Vegas

To my legions of devoted fans and followers (actually just my 20+ friends and family members)...Please accept my apology for having inundated you with Vegas nonsense for all of last week. I promise after this week's posts, we'll be back to fashion, (good) design, food, and culture... NOTHING to do with Vegas, really! Just have to get my final thoughts outta the way then we'll be back to our regular programming and last week's babble will look like a blog from the past...since it really is :D

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