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Monday, May 03, 2010

To my legions of devoted fans and followers (actually just my 20+ friends and family members)...Please accept my apology for having inundated you with Vegas nonsense for all of last week. I promise after this week's posts, we'll be back to fashion, (good) design, food, and culture... NOTHING to do with Vegas, really! Just have to get my final thoughts outta the way then we'll be back to our regular programming and last week's babble will look like a blog from the past...since it really is :D

My 4 days and 3 nights of a blissful beginning, modest middle, and GOD when will this trip end, I am finally back to OC feeling somewhat refreshed having napped all day, but overall pensive about the exaggerated weekend that was one helluva roller coaster ride to adventure and back. There were definitely some HIs (thx bf, gfs, and Flamingo) and exhausting LOWs (boo Adam and Eve), but all in all, one of the BEST Vegas trips to date (personal details of which I've sworn to secrecy). However my personal note to self: Never again will I attempt to contribute any amount of work-related blogging to my stay-n-play Vegations. I was there 2 days too long and so missed my "normal" life of wagging tails and sample sales. Next time, we're just going to get in, get out, and get on with our lives!

Vegas Play-by-play, my daily dish in chronological order to last week's blogs:

Aria at City Center: 

Like Zac Posen's GO line (after having skedaddled my way to the nearest Tarjay), this space was a complete disaster as soon as I stepped foot inside the casino. It seemed very promising from the ads and pictorials (kudos to campaign lighting guys, no joke); however, the details and execution were abysmal to say the least. Just goes to show how critical construction and materials are to the final product. Luxury designer (this case, RS) doesn't always equal luxury design. It takes a faithful client to believe wholeheartedly in a design scheme from the concept to the composition. You get half-assed results when you make half-assed substitutions.

The lighting was dark and dreary, the finishes were China-grade, and the restricted space-planning was not conducive to an open and fun atmosphere. This cavernous casino felt more like a poor man's version of Planet Hollywood than Las Vegas' answer to the future of luxury gaming and nightlife. Even my fabulous ceiling contributions couldn't save this downer of a design. Best if you wait a few more months to see how the space develops.

A total MISS, 2 out of 5 stars

On the menu tomorrow- JK Restaurant Reviews- the fun stuff!! Until then...


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