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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just because I'm a designer doesn't mean I wake up inspired every day.
Most days all I wanna do is impetuously surrender to an all black uniform and call it high fashion. 

But I'm feeling pretty colorful y'all. Kaleidoscopic, multi-faceted, garishly flamboyant, rainbow-brite colorful. I must admit, how a 'lil girl from Bolsa landed a spot on HGTV's Design Star, a network distributed to over 98 million households, I will never comprehend. Not that I doubt for a second my skee-los and overall fabulosity...I mean, c'mon HGTV?...I can only imagine how much censoring they'd have to submit to trying to keep up with my profanity and thigh-grazing minis. 

We're talking America's network and I'm no apple pie. More like green tea tempura ice cream: hot, crispy shell but once you get inside, it's all mush. Not unlike apple pie mush, but definitely an acquired taste. Khuudos to HGTV for taking a chance on a small town girl with blinged-out hoop dreams.

So today we're celebrating blue skies, birds chirping, air in my lungs, clients on the board, and a closet full of designer duds just waiting to be styled. Ahhhhh, only in my dreams is life this good, and only in my reality do I get to appreciate all that I've dreamed for.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who said it couldn't be done. 

And an extra special THANK YOU to those who were there from the start. It's just the birth of this next chapter and I'll be damned if you spot me around town wearing anything other than the color of wonderful. {At least until next season ;D}

Capturing the essence of today's emotions:
Lydia Hearst shot by Elias Wessel for Vixen Mag Spring 2010

My summer wardrobe credit: fashion gone rogue
And introducing the cast of Design Star Season 5

Premieres Sunday June 13, 2010 10:00pm PST/ EST!!


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