Olivia Palermo Style

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I used to want to name my firstborn Olivia. I imagine she'd be wholesome and sweet, curious and creative, unassuming in nature and unaffected by her surroundings. She'd be the first to volunteer for additional work and the last to leave when there's a major deadline. She'd present herself in thoughtful attire, sure to put forth a charming, sophisticated, and distinctive image parallel to the genuine appeal of her likable character. 

Nowhere in my musings did I fantasize my daughter to be anything like Olivia Palermo from the City; however, Ms. Palermo's done such a great job of creating this nasty, pompous, snarky TV personality that I can only associate the moniker with this bitch from a reality show on MTV.

Playing an accessories department associate for Elle magazine, Olivia spends her days sabotaging co-workers (and ex co-workers too when given a chance) and her nights gallivanting around Manhattan posing as an Upper East Side socialite.

One can only assume how much "reality" accompanies the "actuality" of her character, but one thing's for certain...The girl CAN dress. From uptown to downtown, Olivia is never without her signature wavy locks and that air of pretention, but I find myself tuning in every Tuesday just to see what flavor of chic she's wearing in that half hour.

Now if my daughter can only have one thing in common with Elle's belle from hell, I'm hoping it's her inimitable style.

photo credit: tfs


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