Design Star | Episode Three

My Sunday ritual involves summoning up some editorial inspiration for you kind folks whilst mindfully mapping out picnic style snack-ens to devour watching DS at the 11th hour before bed. It's always some fanciful mix of chocolate and cheese, a delightful and decadent combo...much like musical instruments and interior design? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Home Tour | Modern Glass House

Why is it that we are so eager to peek inside the lives of others, yet are apprehensive to even admit our own relationship status on fb? We are all spectators at heart so it's only natural to see beyond the façade to imagine a life of grandeur and opulence.

Design Star | Episode 2

Geezus...if only I were there another week. I would have KILLED this challenge! Fashion as inspiration?...Hello have we met?! It was sheer torture sitting through last night's episode and it wasn't because of Nina's never-ending "I'm a Pro" rants. If they designed these challenges according to all 12 of our personalities, this one definitely would have been for me.

When One Door Closes...

I am probably one of the most fortunate people you will ever meet. There seems to be this infinite amount of luck that enables me to endeavor new adventures or simply follows me when there's no guide. I have never been one to allow fear to lead the way. Nor was I ever one to let it hinder my advancement. I am certain my mother gave birth to me at the most opportune time when the planets were all aligned and the moon shone in my favor.

Design Star | Episode 1

Don't fret my pets...It's been months since the show wrapped and I've resiliently made peace with being the first one eliminated. Do I wish I could have stayed a little longer? Of course! Do I agree with the judges' decision to send me home? Absolutely NOT! I've been patiently waiting for this premiere to air so I can FINALLY dish the dirt that's been brewing in the cauldron y'all. I hope you like your supper with a little side of scandal 'cuz that's what I'll be serving in 5 seconds flat.

Casa Diseno Design Star Interview

Just in case y'all missed the announcement I blasted on my facebook this morning: My little (but lengthy, you know how I do) chit-chat with the kind folks at Casa Diseno Blog. Here I am once again detailing my life story and how lil' ol' me came to be...Hope you likey!

Design Star Week | More Shameless Promoting

Everyone googles themselves. It's a known fact. Those who claim they don't need to man up and take some accountability dude. It's actually kinda shameless but how else am I supposed to know how to market my business unless I know what's out there right? And boy, did I find some interesting stuff. 

Maison Moschino Hotel Design

I hate themed hotels. Not a fan of swashbuckling suites where pirates are parading right outside my guestroom window. My home away from home needs to incorporate a defined sense of luxury either with world-class service or creative accoutrements. Never in my wildest fantasies did that EVER include sword-fighting, gun-toting, or flamingos for that matter. (Oh Vegas, how I love thee, but y'all need a major makeover!)

OC Register | Front Page Feature

Yeah man, that's not a typo. OC in Orange County's largest newspaper publication, 3rd largest in California behind the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. What can I possibly tell Peter Larsen, the Register's entertainment guru that is fascinating enough to keep him intrigued, revealing enough to maintain some mystery, yet impressive enough to make him believe I'm the hottest up and coming designer SoCal has to offer?

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