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Friday, June 04, 2010

I hate themed hotels. Not a fan of swashbuckling suites where pirates are parading right outside my guestroom window. My home away from home needs to incorporate a defined sense of luxury either with world-class service or creative accoutrements. Never in my wildest fantasies did that EVER include sword-fighting, gun-toting, or flamingos for that matter. (Oh Vegas, how I love thee, but y'all need a major makeover!)

Reception Area
The newest trend in hospitality design stems from artistic collaborations with fashion houses like Missoni (See Close-Knit Clan post) or more recently, with luxury designer Moschino. European developers have the intuitive foresight to create company brands that stem from a stylish aesthetic and concept, rather than simply relying on spectacles in the sky . High fashion instead becomes that fantasy, and anyone wishing to step inside a fairy tale land to be whisked away by their own imagination should step inside Maison Moschino Hotel located in Milan's Corso Como district.

The Ivy
Each room is designed by the label's creative team in styles lovingly conceptualized from fabled narratives like Alice in Wonderland and the Little Red Riding Hood, to name a few. The driving force behind this notion is that guests have the chance for an alternate reality, one that is manifested from subtle reminders of childhood folklore. However, fashion does comes first in this concept, so expect to see the Italian luxury house's great attention to detail as they envelop guests with sumptuous sleeping quarters and a magical state of ultimate surrealism.

Life is Like a Bed of Roses
My personal faves: Sleeping in a ballgown and the luxurious attic. I can totally see a re-imagining of these spaces for a nursery or a guestroom. What an ethereal experience to create bedrooms where you can be transported to a dreamlike state even before you start dozing off. Fantasies can then become realities simply by painting the roses red. 

Luxurious Attic
Little Red Riding Hood
Sleeping in a Ballgown_1
Sleeping in a Ballgown_2
Gold Room
Ribbon Room
The Forest
Sweet Room
Wallpaper Room
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Room
Blue Room
The Forest Suite
photo credits:  Maison Moschino website


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