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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yeah man, that's not a typo. OC Register...as in Orange County's largest newspaper publication, 3rd largest in California behind the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. What can I possibly tell Peter Larsen, the Register's entertainment guru that is fascinating enough to keep him intrigued, revealing enough to maintain some mystery, yet impressive enough to make him believe I'm the hottest up and coming designer SoCal has to offer?

I could try to pitch a rags to riches story 10 million different ways but we all started from humble beginnings. I'm no different than Joe Shmoe down the street y'all.

The reality of it is I'm really just your average girl who loves fashion, is mildly talented, perfectly flawed, and insanely driven. When it comes to my craft, I have complete and utter tunnel vision resulting in a one way street to my success. During this phase, in this moment, success to me means maintaining my integrity through and through.

So sorry peeps, no drama for your mama in this episode. But tune in for the premiere of Design Star Season 5 Sunday June 13, 2010 on HGTV. It'll be a complete spectacle from then on to the next 11 weeks...I promise we've got drama covered :D

Oh and by the way, let's hope Mr. Larsen supports your hometown girl by banging out a positive article highlighting my psych to psychotic background eventually leading me to dare embark on this roller coaster we call competitive reality television. 

The article hits newsstands next week- I'll keep you posted. 

In the meantime, a behind the scenes look at today's interview and photo session. Felt like Design Star promos all over again...I could totally get used to this.... Today OC, tomorrow the world!! *cue sinister laugh* 

Today's outfit post (the first of many to come...just gotta lock down my photographer *ahem LB* and it's on!)

top: plastic island. skirt: f21. belt: vintage. earrings: f21. bracelets: rj graziano. denim: express shoes: gucci


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