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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why is it that we are so eager to peek inside the lives of others, yet are apprehensive to even admit our own relationship status on fb? We are all spectators at heart so it's only natural to see beyond the façade to imagine a life of grandeur and opulence.

I for one, unabashedly contribute to annual subscriptions of trashy tabloids and regularly visit celeb gossip blogs to get my daily fix. But when does harmless voyeurism cross over to become borderline fixation? I figure I'm in the clear as long as I don't start stalking Blake Lively around Manhattan hoping really to catch a glimpse of Penn...and Chase too, can't decide which of em' I'm most obsessed with.

Although privacy goes right out the door when you inhabit the Glass Pavilion in Montecito, here's hoping the entire cast of Gossip Girl spends the summer in sunny SoCal and maybe shoot some episodes for the upcoming fall season. Hamptons '09, Hollywood Hills 2010 baby. Can you tell I'm going though GG withdrawals?

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