When One Door Closes...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am probably one of the most fortunate people you will ever meet. There seems to be this infinite amount of luck that enables me to endeavor new adventures or simply follows me when there's no guide. I have never been one to allow fear to lead the way. Nor was I ever one to let it hinder my advancement. I am certain my mother gave birth to me at the most opportune time when the planets were all aligned and the moon shone in my favor.

Then Mars, Venus, and Jupiter decided to sneak off for a threesome and kicked my passion, creativity, and career trio into overdrive. Coupled with the fact that I was born in the auspicious year of the Monkey, why...some would say I'm unstoppable!...I'd certainly like to think so.

I have to send a warm and gracious thank you to all the friends, family, colleagues, HGTV viewers, fans (fickle fans included), and passerby's that have supported me and commented on the blogs, fb, twitter, email, dailies, what-have-you.

I read everything I can get my hands on and the viewer response from that initial premiere has been insane. For those of you who took a moment to get inside my head for that White Box Challenge- I commend you!

Trust me, even the explanation for my room seemed so comprehensive there's no way I could have made that *ish up. It's honestly how my brain works y'all...although I'm a little (just a tad) bit embarrassed to admit to overcomplicating things.

But destiny's got another thing in store for me so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

You know what they say....

When one door closes...

In my case....

12 more open :D

photo credits: brooks potteiger photoblog, purple door photobucket, house beautiful, miss dior couture, lightchasersinc.com, flickr, abetterphoto.com, cherish toronto blog, this is glamourous, timecatcher.com, flickr, aubrey road


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  1. Not only doors are opening, but beautiful and colorful and full of life doors are opening for your Juby Doll Face! So proud of you, but not like you haven't heard this before:) Keep doing your thing baby as it has come a long way from the days of dressing up your girls and making us feel beautiful inside and out. Decorating our personal space which results in decorating our outlook on life. Overseas hotel projects and sophisticated night club that I oh so enjoy discovering new details each time I’m back. It's nice to be able to read and witness the oh so complex yet talented envisions in your mind that become reality. Gosh… can’t wait to feast my eyes on your next project. I’m hungry for more:) xoxo, Riks & Seks

  2. Aww THANK YOU Riks and Seks :D Feels like I'm definitely going in the right direction...finally so relieved now that the pressure's off and I can enjoy simply designing for clients instead of tv heehee xoxo

  3. i know you would have liked your own show, but as a fellow blogger admirer, I must say, you do well at this. The hard part is to find pictures to use. Or have access to the right places.

    I love how you took off on the doors. Very nice ones too.

  4. @ A rootdigger- Thanks for reading :D I never know when inspiration is going to strike, so just gotta keep my eyes peeled and stay focused. Thanks again for stopping by!


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