Trend Spotting | Biker Babe

All weather leather seems to all the rage this summer season. Won't don that taut and tight second skin in this heat? Turn up the bad-girl quotient with just a smidgen of spikes and spurs, grommets and chains.

Trend Spotting | 50's Style by Don Draper

I'm assuming he's a distant cousin, twice removed from the Queen of Decorating Tastemakers, the one and only Dorothy Draper herself. Why else would I become so overly consumed with everything Mad Men that I've almost forgotten that Gossip Girl is on hiatus? Dashing yet tortured leading man (enlivened by Jon Hamm) + 60's sophisticated chic interiors + daringly suggestive plotlines = one happy psych-obsessed interior designer (i.e. moi). 

Design Star | Episode Six

It was such a disappointment to go from the Firehouse High from last week's episode to the oh-so-low Trump card that was dealt in this week's challenge. Having been 1/12 of this cast early on, I'm becoming quite adept at spotting the moments of agony where you know the designers are simply over the game. Your own TV show on the line? No longer such a worthy reward it seems. 

Trend Spotting | Mixed Prints

It's been quite a few weeks since we've kicked it old school so please pardon the interruption guys. Today's vintage editorial showcases the ABC's of artfully mixing prints for our modern gal on the go. Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia in July 2003, these lovely ladies prove that focused trends gain fashion permanence with just a little preparation and a whole lotta panache.

Taste of the Northwest

The trick to traveling with a bevy of ravenous beauties? Street food baby!! It's called walk and talk man...get in, get out, get on with your lives...and save the real calories for bottomless cocktails :D

Vancouver BC Photo Diary

The weather was gorgeous, the locals trendy and stylish, and the food was ahhh-may-zing!!! I'm still on vacation mode and entertaining myself with the thought of becoming a Canadian transient...perhaps just for the summer? 

Design Star | Episode Five

Dude, this is the first time in the last couple weeks where I am GREEN WITH ENVY!! Not only was this one of THE most emotionally intense challenges ever on Design Star, I felt extremely privileged to be a part of a cast that had such a great opportunity to contribute to the FDNY, New York's finest and bravest heroes, and I didn't even get a chance to do anything but watch the episode unfold! Finally!!!

Happy Birthday to Moi :D

We kicked off my 30th birthday celebration with a little Pre-funk at Casa Khuu this past weekend then headed straight out to Avec for more drinking and desensitizing debauchery. Here's a sneak peek into my otherwise very private personal life...but I just had to share because everyone I lovelovelove and hold dearly to my heart made a cameo!!! Thanks soooooo much to not only my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE faces, but in case you haven't already guessed: The coolest peeps in OC- Wurd!!

Vancouver | Nightclub Design

In preparation for my 30th birthday trip away with the girls this weekend, I've been checking out the Vancouver nightlife scene and here's the lowdown on haute happenings and some of the venues we'll be hitting up... (Thanks for the skinny Lily!!!)

Design Star | Episode Four

With 3 episodes down and only 9 contestants left, Design Star headed into the 4th challenge with flowers taking the place of instruments and fashion. I don't know if it was the editing or simply the direction of this plotline, but for some reason this is the first time I've felt this far removed, even distant from the designers and the challenge as a viable source of inspiration. 

Trend Spotting | Statement Art Piece

Not sure what to do with that large expanse of wall behind your (insert "X" area here)? Well, look no further than a honkin' huge piece of abstract artwork to take your room from drab to fab with only $500 and a blank white box...Hey wait, wrong show-whoops. Some nights (like last night) I wake up with hot flashes of my DS debut and have nightmares dreams of reliving that first episode...

Ramses Restaurant Design | Philippe Starck

You know how some people travel and always have to stay at particular hotels and eat at their favorite chefs' restaurants...Well, when I travel, the first hotel I hit up is always one designed by Philippe Starck. This brilliant worldly designer is infamously regarded for his witty and engaging interiors (the Hudson's a personal fave), innovative furniture and product design (who hasn't heard of the ghost chair), and ubiquitous aesthetic often imitated but never duplicated (even KWID hints at a little Starck contrast).

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