Design Star | Episode Six

Monday, July 26, 2010

It was such a disappointment to go from the Firehouse High from last week's episode to the oh-so-low Trump card that was dealt in this week's challenge. Having been 1/12 of this cast early on, I'm becoming quite adept at spotting the moments of agony where you know the designers are simply over the game. Your own TV show on the line? No longer such a worthy reward it seems. 

As Stacey so eloquently stated in her exit interview "I never had a TV show before, so that's ok." With the lack of design inspiration and execution in both these Jersey flats, I get the feeling at least a majority of the cast is echoing that sentiment. As the weeks drone by, and the challenges drag on, the final 7 simply look overworked and underpaid. 

They've lost the gusto so palpable in earlier challenges when ideas were fresh and teamwork either helped or hindered. Everyone seems pretty ambivalent at this point going about their own biz as any reward for their efforts seem nowhere in sight.

The blue team's (Emily, Alex, Casey, & Michael) winning design...In the words of the ever so wise Ms. Emily Henderson..."I'm sooooo underwhelmed!!"....although pitted against the red team's design, this was clearly the better space.

Which brings me to the disastrous demise of the red team. Stacey with that mess of a bedroom and WTF drop-cloth drapery panels, Tom's blueberry explosion in the bathroom, and Courtland's disregard for tasteful design in the living room. It was a Trump-tastrophe to say the least and the judges dismissed Stacey and Tom as a result, saving Court based on his apparent progress in his hosting abilities. I mean, the guy's been on that bottom panel almost every challenge so it's no surprise that he'd get the hosting gig down by now. Khuudos Court for making it past yet another day.

Sparse + tchotchkes+ blue bathroom = NO BUENO!! DT Jr. had a team overhauling this entire mess before it could have ever seen the light of day
photo credits: HGTV

From the looks of the preview, they're mixing up the teams one mo' gain with only 5 designers now in the running. I'm soooooo over waiting for someone to rise to some crazy AHA design moment as now I've succumbed to the same response y'all must be feeling...who hit the SNOOZE button on this dang show?

Until next Monday y'all....


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