Food Porn Friday | Rainflower Restaurant | Richmond, B.C.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two Christmases ago, we were coming home from Whistler through Richmond and decided to eat at some fancy Chinese restaurant. I've eaten at probably half-a-dozen dim sum restaurants in BC and definitely have my faves but was game for something new and different.

The bright yellow awnings flanking the exterior facade of Rainflower Restaurant greeted us into this massive open space with decorative crown molding, a multitude of fabric covered wall panels, and gold leafed Regency furniture with rows upon rows of jam-packed 12-top dining tables. The space seemed regal to say the least and I was ready to eat like a queen.

But alas the freezing winter, high winds, and overall temperature drop killed all the electricity consumption within a 2 mile radius and cut our meal short only having devoured one promising plate of stir-fried basil prawns in a spicy garlic sauce.

Rushed out and left to dry, we felt embittered by a hunger so powerful only authentic Chinese dim sum could satiate it.

Cruising around waiting for the power to generate, we ended up plopping down at some adjacent Joe-Schmo Szechuan establishment and complained throughout the rest of the meal.

Needless to say, I never forgot about those prawns and left wondering what other delicacies were lurking inside that magical Rainflower kitchen.

Fast forward some 20 months later and I have taken the girls back to the very place that left me desperately crying for more.

Y'all are in for quite a treat...Bon Appetit!

Tomorrow's menu: Taste of Vancouver and Seattle: Street Eats and the best brunch in the city!


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