Happy Birthday to Moi :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We kicked off my 30th birthday celebration with a little Pre-funk at Casa Khuu this past weekend then headed straight out to Avec for more drinking and desensitizing debauchery. Here's a sneak peek into my otherwise very private personal life...but I just had to share because everyone I lovelovelove and hold dearly to my heart made a cameo!!! Thanks soooooo much to not only my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE faces, but in case you haven't already guessed: The coolest peeps in OC- Wurd!!

Dress: Lipsy. Belt: H&M. Necklace: Natasha. Earrings: Monet.

Special shout-out to my one and only LBeezy Fo'Sheezy for keeping the peace, making magic happen, and especially for supporting mama's crazy dreams. If this is what 30 feels like...can't wait to see what next year's got in store!


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  1. Happy 30th Birthday to my beautiful feather of LOVE! Wishing you lotsa love, happiness and all mama's crazy dreams coming true...one space at a time:) Juby Doll, you have been such a positive vibrant light in so many people’s lives, and it showed in the volume of genuine friends who came out from all over… on your special day! How you managed to capture so many of our hearts is a gift in itself. Enjoy this wonderful day eating as much as you want, finding the inner kid at Disney and breezy Beezy up in good weather! Love x eternity! July Birthstone: Ruby “The glowing ruby should adorn, Those who in warm July are born, Then will they be exempt and free, From love’s doubt and anxiety.” By Anon


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