Ramses Restaurant Design | Philippe Starck

Monday, July 05, 2010

You know how some people travel and always have to stay at particular hotels and eat at their favorite chefs' restaurants...Well, when I travel, the first hotel I hit up is always one designed by Philippe Starck. This brilliant worldly designer is infamously regarded for his witty and engaging interiors (the Hudson's a personal fave), innovative furniture and product design (who hasn't heard of the ghost chair), and ubiquitous aesthetic often imitated but never duplicated (even KWID hints at a little Starck contrast).

One of his newest hospitality ventures takes us to Ramses restaurant in Madrid where the Starck vision is prominently evident in graffiti-lined brick walls, Regency-inspired furniture, and an overall intimately inviting environment.

I love how he pays particular interest to the social aspect of public dining to create spaces where guests feel like they're having a private dinner party with a hundred of their closest friends.

Seating is planned so that guests are connected to the core, but detached from the commotion. Not one surface is left untreated nor one nook left unaddressed.

A perfect combination of satiating your imagination as well as your appetite; Next time you're in Spain, feast your eyes on this.

photo credits: starck.com


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  1. Now this is why I would love to travel with Ju to Europe. Really now...I mean it, you'd know exactly where to wine and dine our little fancies:)

  2. I'm thinking of doing a Lisbon, Madrid, & Paris excursion just to hit up this joint...kinda fanatic following designers but it couldn't be that different stalking Christopher Lawrence during our raving days :D

  3. LOL. We will have to do picture comparisons of our trips, mine will involve much tree hugging and stalking designer mother earth. Not one single pair of high heels are coming with me...even in Paris!


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