Design Star | Episode Eight

Monday, August 09, 2010

Now that we're down to the final four, here's the lowdown on what I'm expecting: Innovation in design ideas and no repeats of what's been done in the past (esp. during this season), individual challenges to weed out the weaklings and highlight the standouts, and of course stellar hosting videos showcasing tons of personality suitable for HGTV audiences (i.e. generalized jargon + "constructive" how-to's). 

Sadly, I was disappointed to see yet another team challenge, another faux wall, and another fixed outcome. Is it too late to declare that I'm starting to see a pattern here? Quel surprise...

Team Emily and Michael: Dining Room {Before}

In theory, they say anyone can shop, but not everyone can repurpose. Are you kidding me? The difference between nickel and dime designers and dime piece ones is not whose more adept at turning an ugly rug into fabulous upholstery...that upholstery will still be ugly even if you make it into a gown and call it couture. The variable difference is finding the extra in the ordinary, making luxury out of mundane, and ultimately transforming a space from futile to fabulous. In this challenge, Emily and Michael did just that, yet Michael (with his ingenious Angel Winged Mirror) still managed to land in the bottom two along with Courtland. 

Dining Room {After}

Emily's use of faux flowers glued to a rectangular drum shade mimics ceramic art

Michael's clever repurposing of broken angel wings turns a regular mirror into an expensive luxury piece

Although Court's faux wall was insanely out of context and a hackneyed effort to illustrate his inspiration, I loved the copper sconces and the burst of bold energy in his hosting presentation. Now that he's been down in the bottom panel what seems to be all the time, he should get this thing down by now, no? Casey's presentation (although the judges lauded her onscreen presence and matter-of-factly design moments), pretty much put me to sleep. But how can you blame the reigning challenge champ since she probably has yet to tape any segment after winning the majority of the time? But the judges stated that they were weighing design and hosting equally in this challenge so first-timer Casey got off on a freebie if you ask me. 

Team Court and Casey Dining Room {Before}

Dining Room {After}

Not much of a transformation by the looks of it

Court's Copper Piping Wall Sconce
photo credits: HGTV

So the moral of this challenge? Do something different (conventional included) and you're sure to stay in the game. Three-peats or're out the door. Adios!!

Until next week...Final Three and finally an individual challenge again!! Has it really been the only one since my ill-fated White Box Challenge??? What has DS come to??

Btw- if you haven't done so already......Please vote vote vote for JK to win fan fave!! I'm not that far behind...we can still take the cake y'all!!

Thanks for reading guys- Love you!!


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