Design Star | Episode Nine

Monday, August 16, 2010

Seems like yesterday when this DS craziness premiered and I was booted after the first episode. I've long been over my untimely departure but have been patiently (who am I kidding, rather anxiously I hafta admit) waiting to get my bobby socks knocked off by any ONE design/ designer/ design-related-drama, PLEASE?! 

...Ahhhhh, seems the DS Angels were listening in and FINALLY granted our contestants an INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE!! Praise the Lord Almighty!!...Has it really been 8 friggin' weeks since production decided they had some money to spare? I completely understand how "budget" plays a huge role in filming these challenges but even I can't believe they've dragged it on this long teasing the viewers with team this and team that. If I wanted to watch team challenges I'd tune into MTV during a Real World/ Road Rules Marathon where at least I'd get to ogle tanned topless Kenny making out with one chick and resiliently rejecting her in the same episode. Gawd how I LOVE reality TV.

So we've got Casey, Michael, and Em individually designing glass houses with surprise industry homeys coming to assist. Blank canvas, transparent walls, 360deg view...I'm dying to see what they come up with that hopefully takes advantage of the gorgeous outdoor ambience and public interaction from passer bys. 

The Challenge:  Design this Glass House according to your Show Concept

Both girls (Case and Em, not to be confused) immediately start covering up an entire back wall with Casey nailing wood panels and Emily spray-mounting fabric to create backdrops for their vignettes. Did I miss something here? Why is Michael the only gal to get the memo to leave the view entirely exposed? Glass walls are meant to be voyeuristically embraced so viewers get a peek inside the unobstructed mind of the designer. They're not meant to be boarded up and blocked so that you force the angle into seeing one perspective. If that was the case, then I'm totally getting White Box déja vu all over again.

Well, despite my pleadings (and their obvious dismissal of that very point), the judges do their walk-through and Emily becomes the clear and present shoe-in for final two in my opinion. Em's space was completely finished, perfectly styled, and charmingly bloggerific (yes, us bloggers use that term loosely to endearingly emphasize a "good" thing if you must know). Prop Stylist Pro has FINALLY stepped into the competition y'all. Khuudos Em for nailing everything from the palette, to the space plan, to the lived-in look you're so adept at purposing. Save for that back wall (which probably looks wayyyy better in sunlight since you get the translucent effect from the light fabric) you are my *winner winner chicken dinner* for this challenge.

Emily's Glass House:  Show concept to dress the space as you would dress yourself

This is probably one of those few times where I actually agree with the judges for awarding Michael a spot in the finale along with Em. Although his space lacked the cohesive and tailored look he's usually known for, his process behind designing a glass house to be viewed from all angles would have been my very intention as a thoughtful and cognitive designer.

Michael's Glass House:  Show concept to help starter-outers design their first apartment or dorm rooms

Casey, on the other hand, with her vintage wall of empty gilded frames, canopied ceiling, and awkward furniture placement (albeit altogether a stunning photo op) missed the mark since this space could be re-imagined anywhere, last of which would be a vacant glass box. So Casey gets eliminated and now we're down to the final 2...Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnn!!!

Casey's Glass House:  Show concept to bring high-end design to repurposed furniture and existing pieces
images via:  HGTV

Tune in next week to see your favorite Design Star contestant (i.e. moi & friends) come back to shake things up in the finale!!!

Michael or Emily? Emily or Michael? Who gets YOUR vote?!! 
Finale airs: this Sunday August 22, 2010!!!...Until then....


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  1. OMG, Em is still on. WTF? Although I think she did well on this she's really stepped up her game. Have to get the DVD one of these days...I'm way too behind...

  2. Try to catch a marathon coming up before the weekend...


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