Design Star | Episode Seven

Monday, August 02, 2010

DS's Kitchen Challenges are infamous for the painful demise of all contestants involved. Incomplete designs, impractical work triangles, inefficient use of materials, inoperable appliances, uneven countertops, tiles breaking off of backsplashes, vent hoods falling onto these makeshift contractors, ok...maybe not the last scenario but you get the idea.

In all previous seasons, the designers were given real clients and were challenged to remodel existing kitchens with less than reasonable budgets and usually within like 24 hours. Not feasible. And soooooo not cool man. These poor unsuspecting homeowners bought into this ideal of winning fantasy makeovers; however, the end results were usually not even suitable for catalogue still photos, much less actual functioning kitchens.

Thank god the producers knew better than to let the designers do the legwork this season, opting instead for a styling and decorating task complete with yet another generic inspiration (this time a food/utilitarian item) in the theme of Italian, French, or something else I can't even remember. This episode was awfully agonizing to watch with both teams going beige, beige, and more beige in both designs. Clearly, no one felt inspired this week.

The red team's inspiration basket and Italian kitchen above. Court chose parmesan cheese and Em chose garlic for (un)inspiration

Court and Em's kitchen fell short of displaying anything Italian-inspired save for the "Ciao" and shopping list on their chalkboard wall. The space definitely screams catalogue, but more in a "Value-pak coupon catalogue for 50% off this kitchen if you act now" sort of way instead of the "Country-couture" fashion in which they may have been aiming for. Soooooo not Court and Em's style...AT you can bet lack of resources definitely played a role in this sequence. On to the blue team...

The blue team's French Kitchen and inspiration basket. Alex: Corkscrew. Michael: Escargot. Casey: Bread

Team Michael, Casey, and Alex: I'm DYING for some color here peeps. Rich bold back wall to make the cabinets pop...dark, rich drapery panel, colored uphostered seating...something...anything! Nonetheless with this collection of materials, finishes, and furniture, they still appear to be at least heads (shoulders debatable) over the other kitchen, but for some reason this wasn't the winning catalogue design. 

The judges claimed that both kitchens were so fabulous that everyone ('cept for our winner Casey) would go to elimination. You can bet I'm cursing CONSPIRACY at this point because somewhere on that panel, beyond the whispering and make-believe last-minute judgment calls, they're fixing to aim the bull's-eye right at Alex's forehead. And he obviously can't be up for elimination if this were the winning design...Dun dun dun....

Alex seems to be the odd man out at this point with Michael and Casey becoming quick BFFs and Court and Em working smoothly in tandem. Let's round out this top 4 and X out the bullied and beat-down baby whose inexperience and overall minority voice gets voted out of design decisions anyway...

Alex and his corkscrew...Clearly no one else is as amused...

Oh Sanchez, with your million dollar smile and your rock solid heart of gold...You can't beat the majority darling. If we've learned anything from these past 6 episodes, the cattier the comments, the likelier you'll make it to the end. Alas, if you can't take the heat kids...

Designer. Photographer. Mentor. Overall Renaissance Man.
photo credits: HGTV

Can't get enough of Alex and that gorgeous visage?...Peep out his work HERE
Love you doll!! Good luck with all your future endeavors!!

FINAL FOUR GUYS!!!! Who do you think will make it to the end?


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