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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last week's social escapades were non-stop resulting in matching toe-to-toe blisters and bruises galore. Taking "Partying Hard" to a whole 'notha level.

I'm now attempting to get ready at least 20 minutes ahead of schedule so I can drag my photographer du jour (aka Beezy) out to the backyard for some last minute ensemble posts. I think we're getting better, nowhere near Fashion Toast status but hey, it's a start man ;D

Top: BCBG Jacket: Urban Outfitters Shorts: F21 Intimates: F21 Shoes: NYLA Bag: Gucci
Necklace/ Ring: F21 Bracelet: Express

Thanks to BOL for my belated bday dinner fete!! It's already August and this Cancer baby is still celebrating? Ahhh the sweet life with my sugary sweet galpals- Love you girls!!

{Btw- I really do have shorts on underneath} 

I went to dinner at Banderas with Cait and D the week prior wearing a super chic silk shirtdress and upon making our way out to the patio, some OC housewives reject in a bedazzled Sky top and Mom jeans exclaims "That girl's not wearing any pants!!" to her equally fashion-challenged posse right next to me. To which I turned around and scoffed "I have shorts on"...Jesus...Real subtle lady. Just another day down PCH. Suffice it to say I'll be rocking the "Who needs pants when you've got poise" look 'til at least the end of September. Friggin' Newport dude...Tommy Bahama fashion capital of the world...Bleh!

Come back tomorrow to check out Panda Bear's Fabulous Shanghai Birthday fete!!


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  1. Looks like BOL ladies know who to throw it down for our lovely lil JKID's continuing celebration of her birth! Why not...it all started there!!!

  2. I like the contrast of the edgy boots with the soft flowing top, works well.


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