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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's always such a travesty to have the September issues pouring in while the temperatures are rising and the A/Cs on blast. I'd be damned to let the sun beat down forcing sweat through my silks and aggravation on my accessories. Although I'm dying to strut the streets already with Rachel Zoe's line of ready- to-wear hippie chic vests on QVC and in the mags, I refuse to see the light of day until the thermostat reads a heart-healthy 72 degrees. 

Am I the only West Coaster who enjoys sunny SoCal only when she isn't so sunny? Why oh why must we live in a world where the beginning of the fashion year crudely gets hijacked by the climax of this doggone heat?

Arrrghhhh....Can you tell I'm haute and bothered?

via knight cat


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  1. I've been welcomed back from my holiday with this hot heat and it ain't fun to sweating bullets while MOVING!!! Have to run home mid day just to shower up and look fresh to meet up with clients. Today is another one of those days. I feel like I'm living a double life...LOL! OK...YTD, I would have to say...I love love love these hippie chic fashion photos your posted! I think it's the flower child inside me that tries to surface every now and then. I can admit, I'm somewhat of an old soul as you know I jam to oldies but goodies in my hybrid side kick. No wonder I'm always attracted to old woman's clothing, as you have noticed Maybe you can post more photos like these from time to time for lil oh me, so I can learn how to shop and piece my items together where it’s perfectly imperfect! PLEASE...??? (BIG SMILE:)


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