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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love impromptu bar hopping-turned-clubbing with the boys nights.
Makes me feel like a young girl of 29 all over again when I could last at least a good 2 whole hours before it's wayyyyy past my bedtime and I start dozing off in my lychee martinis.

Trick of the trade? Invest in cozy comfy 5-hour platforms and be perfectly prepared for wherever the night may take you. Even if it means the night takes you from Mesa to Sharks and finally to Alertos. Did I say a young girl of 29? I really meant 21.

Blouse/Shorts/Ring: F21. Belt: Target. Shoes: Dolce Vita. Bag: Nordstrom. Earrings: H&M Bracelets: RJ Graziano, Tasha, F21


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  1. Forever 21 my dear. May not feel like it the morning after your 5 hours platforms did the dancing, but sure do look it doll face! Btw, thanks for picking out my strapped up wedges from NR/Seattle. I rocked em last night at Kimera (Bankey's Bday) and got lotsa compliments!!! The shoes really did help bring some old article of clothing back to life!


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