Scenes from a Shanghai Nights Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

With age comes wisdom...And with wisdom comes the foresight to never make another ridiculous clothing purchase without FIRST consulting my cerebrally archived closet index for duplicates and SECOND my ever-so dwindling credit account.

I'm not one to complain after having paid off all revolving debt that's been accrued over the last 10 years, but I do remember that juvenile and careless teenage time where I'd sashay from store to store with nary a cash care in the world.

I'd frivolously buy vintage faux-fox fur stoles for those frosty SoCal winters or crepe-satin capes to swathe my designer gowns come prom time. Never mind that our Decembers average 65 degrees or that the cape wouldn't even make a cameo for pictures...I simply loved to collect. How quickly that collection of debt followed.

But after all the dust has settled and the bills are finally paid, I've come to terms with my near fatal shopping addiction to sit back, relax, stop spending, and bust out all that old salvaged rubble I loved so long ago.

Fox fur stole? Check! Taking that to Europe come fall...
Batman Cape? Check! I'm shortening it to wear for Halloween hoochie-style...
Vintage Chinese robe? Check!

Peep out these party pix from Panda's 30th Birthday Bash...

Oh heedful hoarding, I knew you'd come in handy one day...

Birthday Cake: Taylor Cake Creations

Robe worn as dress: Vintage and self-tailored Intimates: F21 Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Chanel Belt: Vintage Ring: F21 Earrings: Monet

Happy 30th Birthday Panda!!!


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  1. Looks like I missed out on some yumchi fun. Ya'll ladies look so sweet, yet sexy!

  2. Goot times dahling...but more fun to be had now that you're back!


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