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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hands down, RED is ABSOLUTELY my favorite color. You will always find some trace of the hue in each of my interiors, touched up, toned down, it always makes a cameo. It's just one of those rare colors that instantly amps the level of style in a space and sexy on a body. 

I just don't wear enough of it since the sight alone commands so much attention I'm better off relegating the pop to just my lipstick and call it even.

The current trend on tastefully incorporating red without looking garish or even a bit brazen?

Silence the shock with subtle nudes and watch how everything around you instantly becomes chic by association.

 How many colors can do that?!?

via vintage & chic, tfs, carolines mode (2), jak & jil, coto de texas, sss, vogue portugal, just jared, coto de texas (3)


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