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Sunday, August 01, 2010

I've attended many a themed parties in my social life; however, none I've anticipated more than my darling Panda's 30th this coming weekend. We're honoring the motherland this time with an Old Shanghai~ Hong Kong Nights event where luxurious jewel-toned textiles adorn the costumes and garb while elaborate landscapes of red lanterns and pagoda temples set the tone for a night promising grandeurs of mystery and intrigue.

 I'm hoping to unearth some vintage Chinese treasure in my mother's cave of a closet to rock for this bash...Gotta rep the ancestors respectably ya know? Pictures to be posted next week kiddos- Can't wait! In the meantime, old school editorial from the Style and Design Issue of Time Magazine circa 2005. If the event evolves into anything like the story behind this spread below, we're in for quite some evening guys...stay tuned!

via Asian Models

Happy 30th Birthday babycakes!!
Here's to a night you'll never forget :D


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  1. Can't wait to see the real deal... Will have to catch up on the pics after next weekend and see what lies beneath in Panda & Friends! Hate that I'm gonna miss this one!

  2. Shanghai night...I can't wait to spend it with my fave peeps! Jules, you're making me beet red (you know how much I love the spotlight). It's only a few days away and I'm barely putting my wardrobe together, eeks. With so many different style options, I'm not sure which route to take...whichever way it is; it'll be a PB couture fo'sho ;) Get ready to drop your fans and dance the night away with me!

    Cheri~you'll be missed! Hope you're enjoying your time across the world!


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