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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"If I have espresso furniture, beige upholstery, and tan carpeting, what color should I paint my walls?"

That is the single most repeated question (or some amalgamation of) I get asked ALL the time. My answer always starts with a mini-therapy session where I lay down all the facts to get to the underlying problem at hand.

"So... brown+beige+tan?...What was your childhood like growing up? Would you say that you have a good relationship with your parents? How about your siblings? Describe a day in your life? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?" As soon as we delve down into the deeper issues (if it even gets that far) they somehow seem to forget their initial instinct to garner some free design advice and Poof! Problem solved. Gets 'em every time :D

Truth is, my no-fail, fool-proof design maxim for color combinations always begin with black and white. The most elegant and sophisticated palette to further develop design ideas, this contrast naturally becomes the basis to incorporate pops of bright bold hues, patterns, textures, or is undeniably chic simply left alone.

So before you stop me on the streets, or better yet, send me fb messages with "Crisis-HELP!" in the subject line, remember this:

When in doubt, black and white it out.

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