Guest Speaking at The Art Institute

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The most inspiring years of my professional career began way back when I was at the Art Institute OC. Imagine developing your design skills amongst hundreds of artistically creative peers just as eager and determined as you were to excel at your craft. Imagine stepping foot on campus every day met with the most stimulating montages of graphic design, web design, industrial and product design, fashion and photography...everywhere you turned there was something even more rousing mustering up in an adjacent corner. Oh how I miss those days...Back when I was a spring chicken and AI was my competitive coop.

So I was more than excited to visit the Art Institute in Hollywood to speak with this year's fresh crop about the upsides of design and the downsides of reality TV. Just kidding y'all...I meant the downside of not marketing your reality TV career and the upside of doing just that. Which takes me to my very first (hopefully not last) alumni speaking engagement.

Thank you to Sandra Park for coordinating the event and thank you sooooooo much to AI Hollywood ID students for sitting in and listening to me drone on and on about JKID, her past and her future. Eat Sleep Design y'all. This is where it all began...

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