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Thursday, September 16, 2010

As a slightly obsessive magazine subscriber, every month I look forward to plopping down on my Queen-sized Novaform bed (I'm currently auditioning alternate spaces for this vocation) with puppies on one side and a stack of fashion and decor issues on the other. Currently in rotation: Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Lucky, InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Hospitality Design, Boutique Design, Nightclub & Bar Design, Dwell, Western Interiors, and of course, US Weekly. If you're wondering, as I do month-by-month, how the hell do I have enough time to go through all of these periodicals?

Truth is, I really don't have a life. {Actually, that's a lie. If you've been keeping up with this blog, my social life consumes the weekends and my literary life devours the weekdays. So really, I only don't have a life on weekdays it seems}.

I'm really pretty neurotic about my mags as you can tell. I refuse to switch to digital print (after having tried it for a few months) only because I LOVELOVELOVE to shuffle my fingers through the pages and ogle whatever it is I'm lusting after for hours on end. I'm partial to spreading the mags about the bed surrounding me as if I am their leader and they are my trusted minions ready to feed me endless amounts of information and the occasional celebrity gossip here and there. It's a ritual you see and the very act of consuming these issues, one by one, cover by cover, page is page, month by month is a triumph in itself. I level up each time and with each issue I am stronger, more knowledgeable, and ultimately more powerful by month's end.

However, between every glossy session , I approach online media like she's my next victim waiting to be attacked and conquered just like her periodical predecessors. My current compulsion: RUE magazine. Founded by high-profile bloggers turned editors Crystal Gentilello (Plush Palate blog) and Anne Sage (The City Sage blog), this online only magazine reads like an fresh and trendy Domino meets Lucky meets lifestyle blog with a sprinkle of an entertaining section in the midst ala InStyle (this issue features entertainment by Emily Henderson, our current Design Star champ- go Em!). Casual, yet completely confident, RUE magazine speaks like your interior designer BFF is giving you design advice with some everyday tips to make stylish home living effortless and accessible. And best of all? She's FREE y'all!!! How can one resist? 

Check out my fave spread below from the premiere issue out online TODAY!!! I refuse to give up the glossies, so for now, RUE will just have to infiltrate the rotation.

images via RUE magazine September 2010
"Industrial Glam" Spread


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  1. Keep on shuffling through the glossies, because the ladies at Augusta sure do appreciate your hand-me-down mags. Even if we're a few months behind... To be on board is much better then standing at the side lines waiving as the fashion boat sails off.... This is a very sophisticated spread. I can see why it's your favorite for right now. You have so many faves!!!


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