How to Shop Like a Pro | The Basics

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If you're anything like most of my residential clients, you have NO idea where to begin. You know what you like and what you don't like, but haven't a clue how to put it together or piece it apart. Luckily for you, I've deconstructed the basics on how to get you shopping like a professional interior designer, or at least arm yourself with pro tips so you won't have to second-guess that next big $5000 sofa purchase...or something like it.

Step 1: Shop with Visuals 

Scan the net and look to design magazines for the overall look you're trying to achieve. Shop with tear sheets and bring images for inspiration. The more homework you do, the easier locating key pieces becomes since you've got the basics right in your hands. 

Step 2: Take measurements 

Taking measurements is imperative to your shopping success. Measure the height and width of the space you're attempting to furnish and only make purchases according to this area. If it's a niche you'd like to fill, leave a minimum 2" gap between the walls to safeguard damaging the piece. Plus it's visually more appealing to have the piece freely floating against the space than severely squeezed within it. 

Step 3: Buy ONLY what you love 

I cannot stress this principle enough {as featured in this previous post}. Purchasing only items you love and placing them with items you've emulated is a surefire way to personalize your space and help to define your interior style.

The Inspiration

via lonetto, the beach studios, greige, coco kelley, kwid, house & home, nate berkus

The Purchase

Craigslist baby...all within budget ;D

I've decided to start a "How to..." series since y'all are always seeking free design advice as is. Who says I'm not doing my part to help the community? ;D Hope this helps guys...stay tuned for my future video logs on "How to DIY like a Pro"....Psyche!!...Well, maybe...we'll see :D


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  1. Looking forward to your-DIY blog segments... Everybody needs a lil jump kick to start off in the right direction. We both remember when I was stil a virgin with my first home. I couldn't match up peices or pick complimenting colors. The only thing I did have was trust in my designer. Oh my dear friend, I have grown since then...learning each day what design makes me happy in my home and learning what how I like men to be designed...LOL.. well maybe we'll see for this one too!


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