Olivia Palermo for Asos

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes a spread gets trends so spot on, it makes high fashion appear approachable and way less intimidating to style. Asos cleverly snatched up Olivia Palermo, goddess of wearable couture, fashion's current "IT" girl, to model their ready-to-wear, straight off the runway looks in catalogue form. Embellished menswear, neutral wool capes, even a silk shirtdress paired with Chuck Taylors...C'mon, the girl makes street walking look chic. 

Now that the UK-based retailer has opened up its online store stateside, you can purchase all of these key items HERE and have it shipped to you within 4 days for a measly $12. Oh Asos, simply a hop, skip, and a click away. For across the pond shopping, this is the closest thing you'll get to immediate gratification.

via Asos Mag Aug 2010


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