The Redbury Hotel

Friday, September 24, 2010

Having just been opened a mere month, The Redbury Hotel is already making haute-worthy news courtesy of its celebrity curator (Matthew Rolston, a hospitality ingenue) and industry collaboration with Hollywood titan SBE (of SLS fame). The latest fixture on the corner of Hollywood and Vine prides itself on a familiar sense of place with a 70's rock star meets boho-chic aesthetic venerated by the neighboring hipster community. 

Designed by Rolston, acclaimed art photographer and Andy Warhol's alleged protégé, the Redbury aspires to connect locals and visitors alike into a world of arts, music, fashion, and entertainment. Antique furnishings, vintage textiles, and old world art collections combine to create a space rich in Hollywood history while maintaining a fun and festive atmosphere desirable for guests longing to live and lounge like an in-the-know Angeleno.

Guest services include everything from VIP access to neighboring SBE restaurants and nightlife to the simple pleasures of canyon hiking and horseback riding during sunset. This new wave of Haute Hotels seeks to provide a home-grown atmosphere, much like you're simply "borrowing a friend's cool apartment" rather than staying at a four-star luxury hotel. 

via Redbury Hotel

Feels like old-school Hollywood, looks much like a page straight out of Domino magazine. Book your 750 sq.ft. SoCal pied-à-terre all for an affordable $240 and don't forget to pack the polyester and the platforms.


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  1. Red is the sexiest color! Makes me feel like a bit naughty and daring... Should I add more red to my space?!?!


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