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Monday, September 20, 2010

I love Mondays. Especially when a weekend without partying results in a fresh and focused approach to yet another full week of work work work. For the record, if you're trying to send out any prospective invitations, I am regretfully informing you that if the event starts anywhere past 9pm, I will be a no-show, fo'sho.

That's how gramma rolls now guys, up at dawn (really 9 am :D) and out by dusk. Unless the shindig has anything to do with a sushi dinner...I'll bite.

Sweater: Matty M. Skirt: Arden B. Tights: Hue. Shoes: NYLA Bag: F21. Belt: Zara Necklace: RJ Graziano. Ring: Limited. Bracelets: Natasha, Macy's


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  1. Yep... what's happening to us. Love cozying up on your tempurpedic, skimming through magazine articles about destructive love stories and how to get em right...kekeke, pigging out on blueberry donuts (MILK), catching up with Oprah and reminded of how fabulous she is....

  2. Yeah, don't you just love what our Friday nights have turned in to :D


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