Monday, September 13, 2010

Club-hopping in my 30's doesn't quite sing the same infectious song as it did in my carefree, resilient 20's. Now, I cap out at 1.5 events per night {meaning I'm at a ripe 100% at the first event and a good 50% at the second...don't even get me started if there's a third...which mind you, there WAS}. All in one evening, all in the same outfit.

Good thing OC is this teeny tiny bubble where I can speedily traverse from one venue to the next in less time than it takes me to decide on an ensemble that's appropriate for multiple birthday parties. Apparently these boots were made for walkin' AND party hopping X 3.

Sweater: Free People Top: Lily White Shorts: F21 Belt: Calvin Klein Boots: Guess Socks: Betsey Johnson Necklace: World Market Bracelets: F21, Natasha Ring: F21 Bag: Nicole Lee


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  1. Only met cha for 2 of those events. Yet...I spent Sunday recovering for energy. Our machine just ain't running like it used to. Maybe an oil change and tune up will temporarly fix the problem!

  2. I knowwww Sunday was laaaaaaaazy but so nice:)
    I think we should get a tune-up at the beach!


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