Scenes from a Surprise Birthday Party

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I'm officially party pooped y'all. I was so relieved to learn that we were staying local this holiday weekend only to find out we had back-to-back birthdays, barbeques, and gatherings galore. I swear they call it labor day because drinking becomes the most laborious thing about it. 

Although I'd have to say my darling Sophia's surprise 30th birthday bash last Friday was the highlight of this eventful past four days. All my girlfriends, all dolled up, all in one place ready to partake in a long-haul weekend? The perfect preface to an all too familiar celebration of SoCal self-indulgence. When you get me first, you get me at my best, no doubt :D

Happy Happy 30th Birthday S!!!
16 years of friendship and counting...tick tick tick!!! Love you!!! xoxo

Dress: LaRok. Shoes: Michael Antonio. Belt: Thrifted. Necklace: Saks Bag: Charles David. Watch: Burberry. Bracelets: F21, Nine West, RJ Graziano. Ring: Tasha


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  1. Oh what fun vibrant pics! All our ladies looked absolute stunning that night and Sophia really did glow in her moment!

  2. Yes lotsa funfunfun...ready for round 2 this wknd? haha


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