Tea for Two

Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Sunday after a harrowing weekend of too much partying, I peeled myself off the bed to get ready for yet another social gathering; This time, my darling Sophie's Tea Party Birthday Lunch. The dress code: tea dresses and headbands. The time: half past noon. Just on my way out the door, I received a message that the tea party had been cancelled!!...Sacre bleu! Dress on, hair did, makeup done...what do I do now?...

Drag my photographer out for another impromptu photo session that's what. Ultimately the ensemble got her day in the sun and I FINALLY got the rest of the day to veg out with my no. 1's.

Dress: Free People. Cardi: Arden B. Belt: Banana Republic. Shoes: Gucci. Bag: Adrienne Vitadini. Headband: Macy's. Earrings: F21

*No worries S...we'll make it up next time...I've already got a better outfit in mind, courtesy of this editorial seen below ;D *

JNC Magazine (July) via fgr

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


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  1. Your tea cup pics made me happy from beginning to end. Just so adorable, and well put together. It really shows how versatile your taste for fashion as it is in design...and nice to see the softer side from time to time....BIG SMILE WITH TEETH:)

  2. Ok next outfit big smile...maybe with teeth...this spread seemed too demure to be flat out ecstatic...especially with nowhere to go "(>_<)"


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