Autumn Wishlist

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Now that it's borderline freeeeezing outside I'm able to devote countless guilt-free hours to my (second) favorite pastime: Online shopping!! What better excuse to hole up indoors, mouse in one hand, green tea in the other than dropping temperatures, wet pavement, and Ebay's fashion vault pre-season sales.

What's the first fave you ask?
Physical laps thrifting around Salvation Army where I'm able to burn off tons of calories while rummaging through the racks. I like to pretend these second-hand sessions channel "Supermarket Sweep" where I time myself and see what goods I unearth within the first 5 minutes of racing through the doors.

As if another bargain-basement hunter has my exact bourgeois eclectic preferences mind you. And yes, I suffer from paranoid neuroses even when I'm shopping. What can I say, it's a gift ;D

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  1. Nice wish list:) I'm sure you will accomplish the look!!!


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