Barcelona on the Go

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This time next week I'll be sashaying down Las Ramblas sippin' vino on the streets and marveling at Gaudi's masterpieces front row and center. Where I've got Paris mapped out to a T, our first stop in Barcelona will be the actual "vacay" of the trip, with neither a plan or program in sight. 

Dying to sample native tapas and pa tomaquet all the while washing it down with homegrown Cava from neighboring vineyards.  Where the French have champagne, the Catalans have Cava from the Penedés, local wine produced just south of Barcelona and is rumored to boast antiquated winemaking that dates back some millennia. Surefire methods to produce the finest wine in all the land? Who knows, but only one way to find out man :D
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  1. WOW amazing footage. Of course it will be more GRAND when you get to see, smell, touch, and roam through Barcelona! What an adventure it will be!

  2. I know sooo excited but have soooo much to do this wknd ima plan the trip on the plane :) hope to bring back some vino from Espana for Secret Santa!!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Thanks for removing the picture. Now, please remove our other picture as well, Park Guell, 25th from top


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