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Friday, October 01, 2010

If greige is the new beige then OC's abundance of track homes is in dire need of a major upgrade. I have never met one SoCal abode that wasn't completely saturated in every tint of tan and tone of taupe. It's time to *live a little* peeps and what better way to channel Fall's minimalism-chic than to outfit yourself {and your interiors} in a creamy, calming grey-on-grey-on-grey.

Accessorize with major bling and pepper in some mirrored accents for a look that's undecidedly classy and way too cool for school. Look to the skies for a little cheat-sheet on color coding and leave your friends pondering how you became such an expert on greige.

via Reglanza Interiors, sss, Teo Jasmin, sss, vintage and chic, jak n jil, Isager Ditte photography (3), dwellings and decor, desire to inspire, sss, glam lamb (2), sss, the style files, remodelista

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!
Enjoy the cloudy Autumn skies :D


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  1. i'm planning on moving to an i guess i will be visiting your site often.. you have nice pictures of room designs... and oh, the fashion - i love!

    hope to hear more form you in the future..


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