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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They say your interior style changes approximately every 7 years. 7 years to earn enough to switch it up, 7 years to save enough to hire a professional to stretch that dollar. As the professional in question, we designers pretty much change it up with each new acquisition. Shopping for a living immediately adjusts my own personal taste with every purchase, during every project. 

What was once an affinity for Modern Global Glamour has now evolved to include an old world aesthetic, one that completely favors the dilapidated look over white walls and straight lines. I'm finding more and more that I'm a traditional girl at heart; LOVES me some Neo-Baroque and never met a Louis chair I didn't want to bone...err, buy. Did I really just cross straight over into TMI zone as a borderline Retro/Franco/Furniture-philiac? {Btw, don't quote me, I'm not even sure that's the proper term}. 

Hey man, some people are obsessed with technology (calling all Crackberries!!), I just happen to be fixated with antiques...or the potential to restore new-found glory to something that was once certainly grand. It's almost equivalent to modernizing traditional men wouldn't you say? Who doesn't love a good project? ;D


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  1. This spread make me want to chop up fresh lumber to light the fire place. Better yet, a nice muscular handsome young man to do the labor and reward him with cocoa:)

  2. I know! Days like these make me wanna hole up and do nothing but ogle my beautiful home...too bad I don't have one that looks anything like the above...but I WILL...someday...SOON!!! I can feel it ;D


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