Haute Hats and Hair Pieces

Friday, October 08, 2010

Now that I'm seeing vintage veils and haute hair pieces on every bridal blog (not to mention forever immortalized on Carrie Bradshaw), I must say, it's getting pretty played out. Sure they're super gorgeous and fabulously untraditional for your average wedding, but when EVERYONE {and their mama} is doing it, it takes the novelty right out of the unconventional and shoots it straight into the ordinary catalogue. 

However, "Haute Hats and Hair Pieces" theme for a birthday brunch aboard the fabulous Queen Mary of Long Beach fame? Right up my alley, peeps. Who doesn't LOVE classic glamour at high noon with all your favorite faces on one hand and a Bloody Red Mary on the other? Can't wait to celebrate my darling girlfriend's birthday in a few Sundays but first...Gotta dig up some inspiration to attend this fabulous fête complete with feathers, peacocks, and all the trimmings.

via Harper's Bazaar here

via glamour.com here

via etsy

Happy early Birthday Tay!!! 
Can't wait to celebrate and show off Bolsa-Brides-gone-Wild Birthday Brunch~ Love you!! xo


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  1. Miss Japanese Orange. Maybe one day she'll make a come back:)


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