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Friday, October 15, 2010

Do you sometimes wonder if the Fashionably Fabulous live equally as fashionable? Some people have no problem translating the latest trends into stylish home furnishings, but how many people really live like they look? That's where design professionals come in y'all. They (as in "I") are trained to whip up tailored interiors to reflect any client's personality and needs, naturally prioritizing form and function in a space that's aimed to suit them to a T. Case in point- Coco Rocha's Manhattan apartment, fashioned by the supermodel, fine-tuned by her interior designer buddy (turned new husband) James Conran.

The Canadian bombshell's posh digs emulate every facet of her brazen personality from the rich, bold mish-mash of colors to the quiet elegance seen in her sleeping quarters. It's no wonder Rocha ended up marrying the guy, having not only translated her haphazard style expertly within the space, he even got it published in Vogue Living Magazine. The results? Part funky, part formal, One hundred percent Oh-So-Coco. If only we were all so lucky to meet supermodel clients ;D

Here's wishing you all a fabulously fashionable weekend!!


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  1. Great color and theme contrast. Each room complimented the next space real well without being so matchy matchy! CooCoo for CoCo!


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