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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg?...Or in this case, runway or reality? Where do fashion and interior designers draw their inspiration from? Is it nature? History? Other designers? We all know there's really no such thing as an "original idea" since most designers borrow some facet of their latest creations from earlier concepts; So really no one can solely be credited for originality. It's all about ingenuity folks. 

So it's no surprise that what you see on the runways will be what you see in home goods or vice versa. Hell, these designs even translate down to the non-discerning budget fashionista shopping at the nearest Forever 21 or even TJ Maxx {See "The Devil Wears Prada" for a succinct and quickie reference}. That's why every fashion magazine out there clamors month after month to detail all the latest trends so that you, the consumer, can have a mini-cheat sheet right in the palm of your hands for all your shopping pleasures.

And since I'm now a regular participant in this editing blogosphere, I'll do you one better and show you that when it comes to trend-spotting fall fashions (circa now), it's not about who does it first, it's about who does it BEST.

via fgr, kwid


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  1. Who wears it best? Did you cut out the best of the best to show us the best! You are simply the best for simplifying nothing but the best for your viewers! Thank you besty!

  2. Bazaar did the first part- I just put the rest together :D Simple you say? Then my job is done- YAY!! xo

  3. I don't know about your job being simple after spending an afternoon watching you win your le dome and lugging them around. But you sure so make it easy for us!


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