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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dude...For reals?'s lifestyle division Glo just named me one of the "Top 10 Rising Stars in Interior Design" today. Moi?...Next to Tracie Butler (super-chic LA designer of Beso and Shag) and blog-queen Nicole Gibbons (, I must say I'm in some fabulously fine company. Not too shabby if I do say so myself...visit this link to see my rising star peeps...So Super-Khuu...Holla at your girl!!! Whoohoo!

Here's the full interview below (only a teeny-tiny snippet made the cut):

What Is Your Favorite Item In Your Home Now?
 Please describe what it is and where in your home it is?
My favorite item(s) in the home is currently a rotation of two incredible finds:

1) A gorgeous vintage Chinese console that I rescued from Salvation Army for $99! She's currently sitting in my studio and being used as my makeshift bar.

2) A Craigslist wingchair that I found for $40, had it reupholstered and refinished in a fabulous fabric at $3/yd and is now currently used as my office chair.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration for design? Why?

My biggest inspiration for design has always been fashion. I find that I am equally as intrigued by the fleeting existence of fashion as I am by the lasting quality of interior design.

I love that personal style can be interpreted in the way you dress and how you live. They both speak volumes about one's individuality and often go hand-in-hand when I'm personalizing spaces for my clients.

What trend(s) are you really loving right now? Why?

I wouldn't necessarily define it as a "trend" but I love that more and more designers are turning FIRST to repurposing found objects rather than simply going out and purchasing brand new items for clients.

This facet of "green" design has really caught on with average consumers largely due to the fact that television networks such as HGTV and DIY make interior design commercially accessible, and not just a privilege relegated to the rich and affluent.

What home items do you splurge on?
And which are you a bit more frugal with?

I splurge on anything that I can't live without (as I always encourage clients to do the same). If I am DYING to purchase a fantastic piece of furniture be it something as large as a sofa or as small as a lamp, I will tend to spend good money on it because I will cherish it for years to come and make it work within any space. I am definitely more frugal with throw pillows, drapery, and accessories as I constantly change the entire look and feel of a room with minor accent pieces.

Hurry and book me before I blow up y'all! Act now and friends and family will receive 50% off all design services....Psyche! j/ discount but I might throw in a pillow or two ;D

Sorry for the diversion guys- Thank you sooooo much for all the support!!! back to our regularly scheduled programming...

*Today I'm thankful for the most amazing network of clients, family, friends, and collaborators. I'm grateful to be able to wake up doing what I love every SINGLE day...Life doesn't get any better than this does it?...No way Jose :D*


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