Scenes from a Sex and the City Birthday Celebration

Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh I miss thee...Just a little note to let you know that I have not forgotten about you. Although this blog has been riddled with fashion and festivities, you are my numero UNO and my tried and true love.

Truth is guys, I'm diving into the tail end of designing a gorgeous estate in Huntington Harbour and eating-sleeping-living interior design. Which means when I get a moment to relieve myself from all things I.D., I immediately turn to fashion; basically my self-indulgent no-brainer blog post of the day. And since there's no better time than the present, thanks in advance for granting my pardon :D

So please enjoy a little bubbly sponsored by a Sex and the City themed birthday bash for my darling Lani...we were supposed to come dressed like the SATC star we most closely identify with...I'm sure you can guess who I came as...Followed by a sneak peek into what I consider to be my favorite residential project so far...hope you likey!

Wearing: Nanette Lepore Coat, Vintage Hat from Paree :D, Thrifted Dress, Mango Belt, A.B.S. necklace, Hue Tights, Betsey Johnson Shoes, gifted Bebe clutch, Natasha ring

and here's a little sumthin' sumthin' to whet your ID appetite...

Divine drapery...

Accent piece or piece of art?...

Luscious lilies for a touch of romance...

and of course la piece de resistance- Chair Porn!

Stay tuned for the big Huntington Harbour Holiday reveal...coming to a Christmas near you!


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  1. Oh lil Carrie... so full of color, life and aspirations! Can't wait to see the curtains unfold and finally take a peek at all the pieces or art you've either made or found in the most interesting places! Making another family happy day-to-day in their very own retreat away from the outside world...just as you've done for me!!! I.D. away J-KID!!!

  2. Thanks Riks! Finally in the home we'll see what develops!! Thanks for all your support babe- Love!


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