Barcelona Photo Diary | Market Eats and the BEST TAPAS

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our EuroTrip 2010 ends here as we bid farewell to the fantasy life of Paris and Barcelona and wave hello to a better reality that I could ever imagine. 

Thankful for healthy and happy babies to keep me safe and warm (to which I've dedicated new ink seen below- Love my furries), family and friends to ground and guide me, a network of colleagues and clients to support the future of design and continually challenge me every step of the way, and a legion of loyal readers (or lurkers, you know who you are) that help to make Haute Khuuture a blog-force to be reckoned with. 

I may not reach the unprecedented thousand hits/day (2011 goal fo'sho :D), but the true reward is the chance to write one creative thing a day, in the high hopes that commitment will be the primary cause for the blog's imminent success. Never mind the numbers baby, I'm in this for the long haul... 

*hope you are too!*

Paco Meralgo
BEST TAPAS IN TOWN!!! least in my opinion ;D

Steak tartar on crispy crostini, the perfect combination...The only time I'll actually enjoy red meat...when it's rare.

Every single restaurant serves a homemade pa amb tomaquet, simply a tomato spread rubbed on house bread...Theirs was beautifully baked on the outside, with a warm chewy center, all topped with yummy juicy goodness to complement all the tapas...I was craving this particular pan every single day...sadly, no one else was to make it quite this tasty.

Smoked salmon "Paco Meralgo"...nice-sized bite, one-two punch...can't go wrong with anything (purposely) uncooked in my eyes...

People watching with some vino...

I love that patrons become a part of the food culture...It takes a whole lotta confidence to put your food in the window for passer-by's to see...especially when devoured by a couple of American tourists who are more than up to selling the *ish outta these plates...*cue ooohhhs...aaaahhhs...yummmmm...delishhhhh!* ...that oughtta get 'em running in to reserve a table :D

Small squid "a la llauna"...sweet, sauteed calamari...perfect with the pan

"Bomba," Big spicy meatball...a fist-size ball built to soak up all that booze...definitely hit the spot since we're now two glasses of wine into the meal...

Grilled Razor Clams...the boy's fave...Straight from the market, fresh outta the sea...succulent, sweet, and best of all unseasoned...the epitome of what all seafood should taste like...

Melted brie...Paris sneak preview...

Txangurro Galician special of the night...almost like a buttery baked crab dip...intended to be eaten alone...of course I spread everything on that pan...muy delish!..and I'm not even that into crab...

Veal fricandeau with mushrooms...heavier than it looks, total drinking food...a little bit salty...a little bit sweet...omg how many dishes is that now?...

The best foie during our entire 10 days...consumed during our first dinner in Barcelona and we couldn't stop talking about it for the next 9 least I couldn't...the boy tried to duplicate such delicacy...sadly even the French came up short...Charred and cheap!..only 5euros for this masterpiece...*however, pic not to scale ;D*

Fresh tuna "carpaccio"...I expected slices and they slapped this honkin' chunk of tuna down...Seasoned with sesame and soy sauce...the closest thing to Asian food in all our BCN stay...

"Pavias" strips of salt cod in batter...fancy fish without the chips...Fresh, without a hint of deep fried fishiness...As good as it was, even I had to force it down with already 12 tapas for 2 peeps...

aah finally...this little piggy went home...

Waving buh-bye from Barcelona!!

Thrifted dress and belt, Wet Seal Cardigan, M2 boots, Perlina bag, Jessica Simpson Necklace, Aldo ring

I LOVE my readers!!! 
A Million Thanks for helping me see through the start-up to imagine a world full of infinite possibilities!! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!!!


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  1. that fish look so delicious

  2. In this for the long haul...well of course you are! You've been skipping in this direction for as long as I've know you...15 years in counting! Design, fashion, and food have always been a way of life for you... and I have to admit. You have much influence on me when it comes to Living Out Loud! So thank you my dearest as well:)

  3. Heehee...yes Riks LOL for life!!! The squeaky wheel gets the oil ya dig?!? Thanks for stopping by!


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