Scenes from a Nerdy Thirty Halloween Birthday Bash

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Who doesn't love a good Halloween themed birthday party? If you've been following along these past 6 months, you'd know by now we OC peeps never shy away from 2 things: cocktails and costumes! Bonus points if we're celebrating an actual event and not some random Tuesday.

*Happy Nerdy Thirty Birthday Jackie*

Me and my boo: Going as uber-nerds Lisa Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten

Today, I'm thankful for a fabulous group of girlfriends that share the same sense of adventure and a taste for foolishness and farce!...Life's too short to be taken too seriously, wouldn't you agree? ;D 

{also super grateful for a bf that allowed a blog debut as a yellow-faced, blue-haired cartoon King Nerd-thuongskis!}


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  1. Ivy is such a good, fun & hot girlfriend. She sure knows how to throw such a fun fulfilled party night for Jackster’s 30th. It was probably the most fun party of the year as much as I can remember….kekeke!

    Hey Lisa Simpson. I think the nerdyness got to your head... lol get it? "got to your head!" Mad props on creating your on wig into a Simpson head. I totally agree. Life is way too short to be so serial serious YO! If there was a couples costume contest... I think you would make the running for creative nerd characters! But I would make the running for 2 vampire nerds in 1!!!


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